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      Thanks to Goggle Translate, I manage to grab four words which has the same meaning; FRIENDS. Friend is define as a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

      Friends are like stars, they come and go, but the best are the ones that come out and glow! - Unknown

      Few days before I went back for Christmas' holiday, I felt something weighing my heart. I don't feel right. I felt like something bad gonna happen (obviously nothing happened, I am still writing, alhamdulillah). So as the result, I became a bit depressed and paranoid and since I was heavily influenced by movies, I wrote a Goodbye Note titled Warkah Berlagu Pilu and save it as a draft in my Facebook account. At the time I wrote it, I cried heavily but silently since I was in the solat room. Later that night after Maghrib, the class and I went to Tanjung Lumpur for a sort of a goodbye-for-a-while-gathering-slash-dinner. Everyone had to pay a worthy RM15. No Complaint there.

      Ate till tummy turned a beautiful round shape. Then, of course, cam-whoring. Then, BYE-BYE everyone like that was the last meeting. Rode back to Sekilau in a van which packed like a sardine can. Yana had to sit on my lap to make space for others. (untung laa yana dapat duduk VIP seat hehe). Arrived at Sekilau and give words to Iffah and Ika which seems like my last and I choked up. Both of them said that it's gonna be okay and stop saying things like that but I can't and then came the waterfall. And out of no where, Iffah turn around and cried herself. I was moved and shocked at the same time. When the reality hits me, I laughed 'cos I feel so silly.  At the same time, I felt a strip of joy in front of me 'cos finally I found someone who can cry with me. 

A friend is someone who will be there when you are crying, a true friend is there crying with you. - Unknown

      So, the day of going home came. We packed, say goodbye to my roomates, and left some pretty beautiful words to them I must say. And went into the bus, get bus sick (refer to car sick) and almost gag myself. If so, then I'm so sorry Farhan, I won't see you again I'm sure. Few hours on the ride, I only spoke few words and very silent due to holding back my puke. Angah picked me up when I had arrived. Iffah, Ika,  Zira and also Carry (surprise, surprise) texted me asking me whether I have arrived safely or otherwise. I'm touched. Even with all the sweetness they shown and whatnot, I did not revive from my bus sick after few days afterwards. Even a short ride made me woozy but now alhamdulillah AAL IS WELL! ^^,

      Thanks friends for being there and care. Love you guys deeply.




p/s : this post are mainly about friends but if pasal my bus sick empower, i'm sorry. haha.

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