Every. Single. Time.

12:57 PM

      Malaysian University English Test's result came out last night and EVERYONE was so eager to know whether they got to pursue their dream of being a lawyer. Well, I am not. From the start, I had my eyes for Masscomm; though people here in Malaysia are shallow minded when it come to this term, I don't care. That's another story. BUT I do care about my result for this test. I did got my result through SMS last night after 4 attempts (yeah, banyak kredit kene tolak). AND alhamdulillah I got what I deserve. It's not great but it is okay. But it sucks 'cos everytime people ask me how much I got and when I just smile and said "later lah ehh :)", they always assume I got higher than them and even the highest. From final year examination EVERY YEAR, UPSR, PMR, SPM, first sem's result and now MUET. Why is that? Did I came across as clever to them or worst...did I came across as ungrateful so that I have to have good result?

      To the band 4 and above peeps, CONGRATS! Be the best law staff that you can be. ^^,

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  1. heeee,, kakk,, KONGRATZ !! ^^ if u 4get me wen u get famous,, i'll hi-5 ur forehead..!!! XP.. kidding,, all the best 4 u kakk.. ^^

  2. haihh baru perasan komen ni! HAHA. thanks dudeee. congrats kat hang triple! band 5 tuuuuu ^^, :P HAHAHAHA i don;t think im gonna get famous. oh my forehead are save :D


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