New World Inside Out [ farewell my superb friends ]

9:13 PM

It's a tough day [11.03.2009]. I had to say goodbye to all my friends. I got a message from papa " Alhamdulillah adek dapat apa yg dharapkan. Jumpa cikgu sekarang. Cal pa jika perlu" and do you know what is the meaning of 'what you want' that papa mention? It is about my transfer to Sekolah Menengah Teknik Johor Bahru. I know I got to be in the school for a bit but I kept my mouth shut because of I got perdagangan course and I want to change to pertanian course. To cut the story short, my permohonan to switch courses pass.

I was happy at first but when I broke the news to Atherah Eshana Naidu a.k.a my bestest friend, she turns silent and won't talk to me. I heard her sobbed and it breaks my heart, totally. I cried. I tried to console her by sitting beside her and called out her name a few times but she won't respond. I saw her wrote something. I let her. I am sorry Atherah. It was physics time and we got our test paper back.
Tengah bincang-bincang jawapan but I don't pay much attention to Miss Hafizah. She came to our place and ask is everything ok and I just replied "yes" but inside, I broke to million pieces. *sigh*

After physics class, Atherah ran out from class and i tried to catch up with her. I found her coming out from bilik guru and she was crying while hugging Kat [Therah's other BFF. i started to cry]. I hug her and said everything is going to be just fine but in my heart it is not true. I felt dry in my mouth when that word came out. While I try to console her [which Kat, you sucks at it ;D] Miss Hafizah came and ask what is going on. Atherah told her and she was like "lah. kenapa?" and such. I just said something and suddenly I saw Miss Hafizah's eyes started to water and I panicked a bit but kinda terharu when she said "janganlah nangis". I hugged her and told her goodluck for her practical in my school and she said the same thing to me and all.

Me and Atherah jalan-jalan around school [ponteng classes] and search for teachers for me saying goodbye to. [peliknya, aku xbrape nk rse ape2. knape hek?] 10 minutes or something around that, Mieza gave me a note

When i read it, i felt like crying but my eyes could not squeeze a single tears. I just don't know why

Next, Atherah handed me a little teddy bear which his god bro gave to her with a note
on it. I hugged her again. [ari ni bnyk gile plok dye. hee]

I read this when i got home. *sob*

On my way to the school gate for the last time as a SIGS student, Ezyan shout "yela kan. pergi pergi. tngglkn aku" I search for her because I only heard her voice. I turn and I see her on stage [muke miserable]. I make my way to hugged her and said sorry bla bla but she shoved me away and said "xyah arh ko. da pergi pergi" I thought I can tahan air mata from turun but I can't, I cried again and said to her "fine lah ezyan. ko xnk suda. bkan aq nk yg nk pndah. *sob* but i hve to. bye" and went to the gate with Atherah. When we got there, Atherah's mom sampai. She pull me towards her car and tell her mom about me going to another school and such. Her mom said "lah. atherah lost another friend and y didn't you tell us earlier? if not we will bring food." I explained to her why and she replied "haaa. y don't you come with us for lunch? call ur father and ask his permission" I was like O...K...

We had a wonderful lunch and I talk, talk and talk with Atherah [ugh. im missing her already right now] . Her mother sent me home and give me some word encouragements [thanks aunt devika =D]

Switch on my phone and I got a message from Nur Ezyan Syamin that said

Nadee syg,im sorry 4 act like a jerk!yea aq mmg jht..but kau lg jht!how could u leave me?faha da pegi..kau pn same!and aq bkn tanak salam o peluk kau td..but aq mmg tanak say syg kau gle!sorry syg..take care.

Im so sorry Ezyan, it's not that I wanted to leave you but it's just I have to. For my future and all. I hope somebody will take my job as your EARS syg.

Than, on 07.32 p.m, Hana Hafizah sent a message that said

nadee.hana mish nadee la. =(

Than it's Miza Afiqah's turn to sent a message to me
on 12.03.2009 , 05.44 a.m

Hr Ni Dh PnDh Eh..
IWM (i will miss) aLL aBoUt u..
GuD LaRk n T8 cArE aT nEw pLaCe..
ILY (i love you) <3

Norina Haziqah comment me on MySpace. She said

ehh aku tak sempat jumpe kau. sdih gila babi kau tau tak. aku carik jugak kau tapi takde pun. aku trus blah. humm aku syg kau nadee. heeeeee.
ehh jgn buang aku dr top kau oke! friends forever okay? sayangggg kau! mwax0x0 :)

Maizatul Akmalia baru tahu
[pukul 7.15 , 15.03.09] yang aku sudah pindah and she sent a message

Tlh tiba,saat wktu kaw tnglkn aq.krna tkdir yg maha esa tlh mentpkn..sdh rsenye aty iny ble mengenangkn kau shbtku kau tman sjati..tlus ikhlasmu luhur budimu bgai tiada p'ganti snyum tawamu juga ktamu m'hiburkn aq..memori indh kta b'sme terus b'semadi..bgai smlm kau b'sme aq...kaw shbtku kau tman sjati...
[lirik lagu Hijjaz - Kau Sahabat Kau Teman yang kitorang akn nyanyi togetha2 ble sedih.]

Oh my god! You guys makes it harder. [uwaaaaaaaaaa ;(]

By the way, I am so sorry if I ever hurt your feelings my friends!



Went to SMT JB for registering myself. Went to class [taking a deep breath] and before I went in the class I saw Nabilah [from sigs oso. but 1st intake], we were shrieking with delite because we are in the same class [yay! happy jua. ahhaha]. Entered the class and the guys asingkan meja dan lapkan meja yang berhabuk untuk aku [haha. trharu gila. thanks!] The day went great and I thing I will LOVE this school [for now. coz blum strt blaja. hahaha] I hope I will excel in this school. Wish me luck!

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  1. ngan aq!!
    kaw deny!!]sampai aty kaw taw....
    aq syg kaw taw x....

  2. uhh, sorry my.
    aku betul-betul tidak rancang semua ini.
    aku sudah explain time aku call kau tadi kan?
    aku harap kau faham.
    i will miss you lot!

  3. wahhhhhhhhh...

    perpisahan itu memang menyedihkan..
    tapi berpisah tak bermaknanya tak bleh contact atau berjumpa lagi lepas ni..
    InsyaAllah.. teruskan keep in touch ngan dorang ek..

    yg penting buktikan yg perpindahan dan perpisahan itu.. berbaloi.. belajar baik2 dan jadi pelajar yg cemerlang ek..

    Abg doakan semoga Nad berjaya dalam apa jua yg Nad lakukan..


    gambatte kudasai!!

  4. tol tuh nadee aku sokong ngan abg adie nie....
    kaw msty lbeyh pndai dri mse kaw kt sigs kayh!!!
    kaw mmg lbeyh pndai dri aq.....
    kiter fight 4 spm taw!!!
    aq syg kaw 4ever...
    mmg aq tol2 khilangan kwn baik...
    aq ilang org kuat aq...
    aq ilang kaw...

  5. huhu.
    aye aye captain Adie!
    insyallah nadee akan buat yang terbaik.
    terima kasih sebab mahu doakan nadee

  6. MY!
    don't say like that lah wehh.
    sedih aku dengar.
    aku akan cuba buat terbaik.
    kau pun pandai juga ;D
    sayang kau maizatul akmalia abu bakar~


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