Happy Birthday Zakry! -02/04/2009-

6:12 PM

Zakry Abdul Latif

If you don't know him. well , shame on you!

Exactly at 12.00 a.m, my phone vibrates and shouts asilly ring tone. I picked up my phone and the screen shows that today, on the 2nd of April is Abang Zakry the badminton player's birthday. I totally forgotten about it. I went in my saved messages box and edit a birthday message I gave to my other friend and simply delete out her name and switch it to Abang Zakry's name [haha! sorry yeah. copy paste only. but its the thought that counts ;p]. I sent it out to his phone number and wish hard that he got it. I continue on my reading which was interrupted because of the 'rude awakening'. On 12.06 a.m [my fav num babe! 6!! haha LoL], I got his reply.

Hahaha..thanks dik..:-)..igt jgk brthdy abg..tq..daaa..

Yeah! He got it. Mission accomplished. Welcome bro ;)

You are 26 years old already? Very 'old'. [haha. suka aku je maw kutok ;p]

the FUTURE spelling is very unique , haha!

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  1. hehehehe...


    bagusnyakanz... kul 12 katanya... ucap..

    apa pun thanks ya tuk aritu..

    for the besday wish...
    tepat kul 12.. terharu..


  2. haha, welcome biri² ku :)
    Birthday nadee abg tdak mengwish pun.
    tidak terharu ;p


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