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Oh what a wonderful day I had but it started with c.r.a.p. Wake up around 6 in the morning, asked my dad whether we are going to Hutan Bandar for our jogging session or not and he said no because of raining. Oh well, might as well climb back into bed. ~zzz~

8 in the morning I woke up because of my dad and mom's screeching voices waking up my sister [ugh. sengal. dye ni larh pling pyah nk bngun tido. degil n suke ckp mapek ble lalok]. Lazily I tumble of my bed and went in front, joined my dad. Oh I forgot that my mom will sent my sister back [sob³. hehe]. That morning i've been attack by my sister of how-are you-going-to-be-smarter-than-me-if-you-don't-study lecture. Like a gun machine. Wahh! So tired of hearing how great she is and all that [nahh. she's not vain. its just dat dat's how my family try 2 cabar others. blablabla] Good riddance sis. Adios amiga! :)

Then I climb back in bed for like another 50 minutes nap. After that my dad woke me up "deq! bngun! by 9.30 da kne kuar rumah ok? klau xnk kuar snang je. papa tnggl" Oh dad, don't leave my behind. Aurghh~ I love my bed. Bye² beddy.

Went to CS for meronggeng with Haziqah but sadly she gave me a wrong info about coming back home for Speel It Right contest crap that was held by Strights Times. She told me that the game is on Saturday. Hell yeah it is on Saturday but for primary school. Gah! I felt like a total loser when a sister at CS told me "ini sekolah rndah pnya. esok skolah mnengah" and she gave me kinda a floppy smile. I came rushing here for nothing. I am at CS for pete's sake, ALONE! I messaged Ilyas, Aizam, Katt, and Norina asking them to come down here pronto but all of them except Norina said "sorry nadee. xbole lah. aq kat cc larh, mak aq xbg larh, xde duet lah etc". Norina asked me to take a cab and come to her house. She said she will pay for the fare. Thank you my dear! You are an angel, a live saver. Oh trully trully.

Went to taxi stand outside CS. A bit scared cause it's going to be my first time riding a cab alone. *shudder* Found a suitable and cheaper cab. An apek is the driver. He sneezes and cough a lot. Hope it's not H1N1! Haha =p
Get out of cab after paying RM10 [owh mhal! cyan ko nona kne byar tok aq. haha. nnty aq blanja lurk kayh? one day]. Went into Norina's house and salam her suprised parents after seing me [sah ko xbg taw parents ko aq nk dtg. sengall toii. haha]. Make my own way into her bedroom upstairs. Knock on her door and show a bit of my face "nadeeeeeeeee" she said. [betapa i miss her owh. hehehe] Talk³ a bit "da lme xborak kan nadee?" Yup² Norina! She gave me RM9 for the taxi fare. [thanks u again!] Her phone rang and then she said that Fyda came and will be with us for our trip to Danga City Mall. "huwmm, fyda? bole ke aq msuk ngun dye neyh?" but I don't said it out loud. Make a straight face and for Norina to welcome Fyda. "Fyda datang dengan neysa skali" said Norina. "owh damn" At first I think that maybe I'm going to be an outcast when they are together but how wrong I was! They were very sekepala with me [ngun fyda mmg aq da ok² but neysa aq xpnah tego pon tyme kat SIGS dlu. aq nmpk neysa mcm xbape nk bual ngun aq at first. aq buat mcm bese ja] They also told me that SIGS n EC already got Cluster. What the crap is that? It is not fair.
For your information, Cluster is a higher level after Premier school. If one failed in any subject, he/she will get kick out of school. Teknik JB, when is your turn? *sigh*
Fyda and I have too wait a whole 50 minutes for them to get their make up on and such. [mmbosankan! haha. da lawa larh cek adeq syg. even w/o make up =p]

Finally, we are at Danga City Mall! Went into the building. Ahh~ Bless the air conditioner. Haha. It was so hot outside. Walk, talk, walk, talk, walk and talk. After browsing hot pants [ntuk fyda], numerous shirts [for norina], none for Neysa and me. Then we went for bowling, huh, my favourite past time! I won by the way guys. Haha! Eat your heart Nory and Fyda. =p

After that gruesome fight, we went to the food court to filled up our empty stomachs. They eat hot plate while I only drink Iced Milo [owh nyumm!]. Full stomach, check! Then we went art-window-seeing.

On this one whole level is full with arts just for Iskandar Art Show 2009

Makcik Neysa mencapap :))

And there she go again

Even shoes can be ART [Aku Rasa Tertipu]

More pictures on Nadilah Hisham's Myspace [click for link]

The main point Norina ask us to go to Danga City Mall is to visit the Metrojaya Mega Sale that is held on 9th May-10th May 2009. To all JB-ians, you still have time to visit. When i meant visit, I really mean it. The tent was so packed! Hot! Then I saw a cute guy. I nudge Norina but as usual, she acts aloof [aiyo. xgne pnya kwn. xpe2. siap ko laen hari.hahahaha]. Fyda nudge me, she said "weh, dat guy cute larh. smart" while pointing to the same guy I claimed cute. [hooray. sme mata ko ngun aq fyda oi] Neysa agree with us. Suddenly I saw someone familiar beside that guy. A junior girl from my primary school. Went beside her and greet her. Make a very sweet face. "sape owh dat guy?" I ask behalf my friends [sbab dowg da xkruan nenok dat guy. haha] "mmbe je" she said. Then she just blah like that. Hot babe. Continue our journey to perfume section but first we have to wrap our bags in plastic bag [buruk gilaa rupa.huh]. Perfume, perfume and perfume! So WANGI! My hand still smells perfumy like. Saw him again but I asked the older sister and not the one just now who is he "cousin lah" [owhh. ptut larh rpat ngun korg. haha] I said to her that my friend wanted to know him better and all that. She just planted a blur face [adoi. ko neyh tiara. dr dlu smpai skunk sme ja.geramm. cyan fyda mngidam. hahaha] Life goes on. After washing our eyes or noses with perfumes. We went home.

Oh I love you guys! If you all wanna went out again. Tell me all right? :))


Sepatutnya, pukul 9 malam ini, aku berada di Persada untuk melihat mini konsert Anuar Zain tetapi papa tidak bagi kerana aku pergi rumah Norina naik teksi tanpa menunggu beliau memberi izin. *sigh* Bye Anuar Zain~

p/s = New info. Rupanya konsert Anuar Zain is on 8 of May. 9 of May was Adam and Stacy's concert. haishh~

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