Life is UNperfect

9:11 PM

Yeah, it is true. When I felt like my friends is out of the world amazing, great and helpful, I found out that it is not true. Friends are hard to pleased. I am not a good friend, I know but please respect me as a breathing human being and not just a clown to make jokes. I have feelings too. Maybe my face shows that I am happy, smiling as usual but inside its a turmoil full of sadness. Thanks though for being there even though you are not really 'there' when I really need you the most.

-from someone who wanted to be loved and full of frustration-

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  1.'s like that...people usually take us for granted when we laugh too much....

    some people see us the way they want us to be...juz be yourself...a fren who notices your sadness behind a smile is hard to find..

    forgive them,maybe they have their reasons or maybe they honestly didnt know...

    juz keep making new frens...get to know the world but always stay on your ground...

    berkawan biar seribu~

  2. *gasp*
    good advice you got there sis.
    i will cherish it forever.
    insyallah :)

  3. what the?
    kau kenapa?
    tidak sihat ya?

  4. tak tau nk ckp ape..heheh


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