A Day With Mama :) [late one day coz xbole upload laa smlm.binawe toi]

9:34 PM

Yeah, she's my mama
We are crazy right?

Its been a long time since I update this thing :) Missing you darl.
In the morning, I follow my mom to her office [well.xpelik pon mama keje ari sabtu.non goverment la ktakn]. She said "adeq,jom ikot mama g ofis.den ptg ue kte g shopping" [owh my fav word nowadays!hahah] Since it's already 8 something in the morning and she have to meet up with Encik Azman [a.k.a bapak aida. hoi aida, lawa kete bru ko. mama aku jelosh! hahah. blikn sbijik tok aq buleyh?] on 9, so I just took buffalo shower [mandi kerbau lol].

Went to her office *yawn* Did my addmath homework. Finish it. Online Myspace for a while. Sign off. Went to the Musolla. Did my Zuhur prayer. Read the holy al-Quran. Sign back in on Myspace. Mama went for pray. Mama came back with the magic word "lets go shopping!" [act , she said, lets go EAT pizza.hahah.tp aq dnga laen]. Shut down the computer. Get in the car. make our way to Jusco Tebrau City.

Our first destination, restaurant for sure. Search all around and mama made a dead stop infront of Vivo [halla.kta td maw mam pizza hut]. "adeq,mkn sni je k?mcm best ja" I made a face and agree. Well, it is HER money :p

We order up Margherita pizza, Something Something Mushroom Something [i could not rmmber da name], two fruit juices, Chicken Wings, Vanila and Choc Mousse and Breaded Scallop which was my mamas' favourite and still is. Our waiter is a bangla man [mne dowg import bangla neyh pown aq xtaw. ckp english spatah². way funny]

Vanila and Choc Mousse


The foods arrived. Heaven :D We could not finish up all the pizzas. Pack some of it for my starving papa and angah [haha.sape suh xmaw ikot. ur lost, my gain bebeh]. Then, went in Jusco to SHOP! Go to Scarlets' rack. Woah! Lots of cute tops. I chose few to bring in the fitting room. 1st one, reject. 2nd one, reject. 3rd one, wow! Lovelovelove it! Mama agrees. Mama paid for it. Thanks mama. I love you :)

p/s = already wore the top today for Bukit Saujanas' sort of family day [bowling tournament] I will update on the game later babes

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  1. hah?yeker sis...apsal muke mcm same jer...?ur mum is wearing the purple dress kan?

  2. sedap la weh!:DD
    btw thanks sayg :)

  3. ngee :D
    sudah ramai bagi tahu that our face macam twin laa sys nana!
    no objection there though :)
    i love my mom~
    yeah, she is in purple

  4. haha!
    aku tahulah ezyan :)
    nanti keluar kita makan together ok?

  5. haha!
    how could you guys tell if our face is the same?
    mama separuh sahaja muka :p
    thanks sis!

  6. kau clon mak kau...


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