Double Triple Delite

11:27 PM

Nabilah Hisham :)
Haziqah Rosazanam (:

Sambut birthday my bestfriend till the end at City Square. Watch Alvin & The Chipmunks together which was super funny and cute! [rugi xtngok]. Beli kan dia a slice of cake and gave her a book by Cecelia Ahern as a present. Won't yapping to much here like I used to. Mesti boring mahu baca kan? [hahah!]. Mahu keep things short and sweet. Trying real hard [heheh]. Today also birthday my loveliest sister [kenapa dye pling lovely?sbab dye sorg je akak competition :p]. Since she is in Pangkor for a holiday with UiTMs' students, I just wish her by text 12am on the dot which I got her reply "HAHA.TQ MOK... :-D". Very touching...... Not!

Singapore Idol season 3 dimenangi oleh Sezairi Sezali. Another malay guy wins just like the previous 1st and 2nd season. Looks like traditions stays [:D yayy for that!].

Tuisyen for the first time tadi. Seram gila. Aku dapat tahu cousin dan rakan sekolah lama satu kelas dengan aku. Thank god tapi mereka tidak datang tadi.

Hmm what else happened today yeah. Owh I eat jagung rebus setelah sekian lama tidak makan. Masih terselit-selit sabut [yeke sabut?] jagung celah gigi ini. Mmm sedap gila!

Well, today is a hap happy day! That's all for now :D

P/S = ok ke gaya tulisan aku sekarang? short macam ini.

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