Sad Melody...

8:16 PM

Yesterday, all my trouble seems so far away...

Yes it does. It happened when I am with her, my bestfriend ever, Haziqah Rosazanam. After almost two months or so tak jumpa, we guys meet up at library [tempat yang salu ktorg jejak time form 3 dlu ntuk stdy sme²] but since she went to SMS Mersing, things changed. I no longer hang around there much like I used to. And I am no longer the same Nadilah. People saw that I am happy and all but inside, I am empty as my stomach on bulan puasa. Everything doesn't felt right. Everything became topsy turvy. My study also goes tunggang terbalik. I didn't have my motivation which is You, Haziqah.

So semalam gila gelak buat lawak bodoh plus belajar plus excited bercerita plus bergambar segala. Serious aku happy. Suddenly I stop hating being in my shoes. Just for a while that is. Sayu hati bila fikir that this might be our last date before SPM, Sijil Pembunuh Mood because I will be away to KL for god knows how long. Hey budak, bila nak upload gambar? Huhu.

Then, petang kena pulang but with a satisfied note.

Tadi, hang out at the library, again. Aku buat homework BM dan dia cakap "nadee, kau tengok tak dalam buku physic kau semalam?" And aku gelenglah sebab dah siap homework Physic, buat apa nak sentuh lagikan? "balik nanti, tengok taw" Aku tanyalah untuk apa. "tengok jelahhh"

Masa ayah dia drop aku dekat rumah, aku sedih. Bye bye babe! Lepas mandi, cepat-cepat aku tengok dalam buku Physic. Rupa-rupanya, dia selitkan kad raya [saun effect:awwwwwwwwwwwwww~]. Habis baca kad tu, air mata aku meleleh. Then and there, I knew I found my soul sister. She knows who I am. She knows what to say to cheer me up. She knows I am not that tough. She knows that I need her. She knows that I love her dearly. She is just PERFECT!

Masa 17th bithrday aku, dia bagi cd yang hanya ada gambar kita time hang out. It is simple but it does come from the heart. [TEKAN SINI UNTUK TENGOK] She did meaningful things and I love her for that. Thanks soul sister for everything. Oh I hope we are in a forever kind of relationship. :')

P/S : Forgive me for all my mistakes too... Hope to see you sooner than soon!

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  1. owhh nadee..i'm touched
    ur my soul sister to!!!
    i love you very much!

  2. ehehe ;) ELF :D sobs gonna miss you damn mucho!


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