100th post ! :D

8:20 PM

Hoorayy! My 100th post! So I am not gonna babble about benda² tak penting. I am going to write about something significant! For the first time after post after post about those ungrateful humans. :P

I am going to get my driving license baby! Sound too seronok kan? Exaggerated a bit of course. I join in with my bestest bestfriend, Alya Afifah bin Azmi for the class just now. It started from 9.30 a.m. till 5.00 p.m. I wore my high-cut Converse shoes which I didn't like a bit since papa and others told me how "teging" the shoes looked on someone, in this case, I looked "teging" in it. But since we cannot pakai selipar, I have too. I looked ridiculous in it by the way.

Start, a kerani asked us to isi this and that dengan marah² yang dibuat-buat. Benci pula aku tengok. For lunch break, food are served in polystyrene. Teman Alya sembahyang then pergi lah makan. I really² enjoy talking to her. :)

And now, my head spins like crazy! My back hurts like hell! The chairs at the classroom was really low and not suitable for tinggi old me! I'm scared to take the undang² test . Macam mana kalau fail? Mama and papa dah warning supaya lulus. They don't wanna pay anything extra for the already expansive cost.

p/s : oh, see, see! dah takde pasal lelaki! yayy Nadee! step by step :)

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