I can be ME now ! :D

2:26 PM

yahoooooooo! =)) picture perfect !

Here I am. Living the life of Nadilah, no longer as a student. Yes, I felt free! Free as the wind, birds, helium balloons and everything that could fly. :) No more studying. No more curi-curi online. NO MORE MOODY ME! Hehe.

Most of my classmates keluar dari bilik exam awal. Lepas siap, terus hantar. Daring gila kan? It seems the right thing to do at the time. Keluar with a face beaming with proud and joy. I can't stop smiling at all, seriously. First thing first, wrote TAMAT on my slip peperiksaan.

Its a closure thingy. :P

lawa tak? LOL

Angan-anganku jadi realiti! Dapat conteng² baju! Marker dah siap dekat tangan aku bila semua berlonggok dekat bilik SPBT untuk pulangkan buku. And the rest is history, hehe.

Then we [me , Bell and Fyon only] made our way to CS to celebrate. Tukar baju dekat jamban.

before and after :)

Makan dekat Vivo and barrels of laughter exploded. WE WERE ECSTATIC! They went home around 6 while I waited for mama and akak to come. They came and we bought hell lots of Archie's Comics and two Jodi Picoult's novels for me! [photos will be updated later] Yayy! Things to do for pasca SPM! And I ate AGAIN at Secret Recipe with them pulak. Balik rumah dengan big, beautiful round tummy. :D

p/s : my diet down da drain :)
pp/s : blog aku dah kembali pink ! perasan tak perasan tak ?! LOL

from left ; aku , Ain , Bell , Tno , Fyon

to all bB , I am gonna miss you guys so much ! :')

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