Potential Breakup Song

5:51 PM

Ini familia saya! Saya sayang each of them dearly. We fought, we bickered but eventually at the end of the day or week we made up. :)

Semalam, along ajak aku and akak untuk tengok wayang tapi mama tak bagi *oink* so we just hang around in front of the tv set. This really beats the huge screen of cinema *double oink*. Tengok Malaysia menang 2-0 ke atas Vietnam. A round of applause please and jangan segan untuk tambah sekali Mexican wave. Haha.

After 12 something our port berpindah ke dalam bilik aku. Switch on saja the AC confirm along akan masuk bilik. Since akak aku kena berlatih nyanyi lagu Selamat Malam by Faizal Tahir kerana dicabar oleh seorang minah, aku pun join sekali melalak-lalak lagu tu. Susah part start². Low key habis. Hancus! Haha. Entah macam mana tiba² masuk cerita mengata our parents [fav past times HAHA! not that we made it as a habit though LOL]. Not exactly talked bad about them. Just a few things to laugh out loud about like when mama bought a detergent purely for fun just because the use of broken english just like what along wrote in his blog [click for link]. Then the talks masuk cerita time mereka kecil which at that time aku lagi kecil dari mereka. Me and along jarak 7 tahun, with angah 6 tahun and so on.

Along is a guy and seldom show his emotion whatsoever. But semalam akak cerita about what papa and mama did to them masa stay dekat BBU, he laughed so hard! Dah lama tak dengar dia gelak macam itu. Last time dia gelak macam itu maybe time Senario sitcom which was like years ago since those guys are not that funny now. It tickles me and akak so much.

Me and along had not been too rapat since I join mama in "hating Along's girlfriend club" and started to ignore him. I felt miserable since. So its like a weight is been put of my shoulders when now, he started to talk to me, play with my tummy and such. Tidur dengan lena semalam! :')


My BF called me after last paper dia tadi. We talked for 40 minutes macam tu lah. Serious I can't wait to hangout together sabtu ni! Can't bloody wait! Rindu gila! Haha. Ouch! Esok ada test untuk lesen. Ish, TAK STUDY LANGSUNG! >.<

ANGAH DAH PULANG! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

p/s : dapat message daripada orang yang tak disangka membuatkan aku terharu! :D

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