Tagg :)

9:50 PM

Peh dah lama aku tak di tag. Terasa terharu pabila si dia [click untuk link] yang comel tag aku. Ahaha!

Oh well, here goes...

Rule : respond to these as sarcastic/mean as you could.
(YR stands for Your Response)
once u've been tagged, must do!! =)
happy reading =D

If an annoying person says :

1) I am cute.
YR : err do I know you ?

2) I am the most beautiful/handsome.
YR : anak siapa ni ? tolong kutip bawak balik !

3) See, everyone loves me because I am rich and famous.
YR : everyone ? I can't see anyone here *bunyi cengkerik*

4) Unlike you, I am perfectly multi-skilled. I do everything very well from sports to academic thing.
YR :
haiyaa wujud lagi orang macam kau ?

5) You don't know me? I am Bruneian artist; I have albums.
YR : That shows how 'famous' you are :)

If an annoying hot woman/man says :

1) I know you like me.
YR : aku tempeleng muka kau bagi straight otak kau boleh ? *smirk*

2) What are u looking at? I am not interested in you!
YR : oh shit , I am looking at your nose . ada bulu terkeluar *mengilai*

3) Sorry, you're nice but seriously not my type.
YR : wow you've read my mind , haha !

4) UNLESS you are rich, then don't dream that I will get a ride with you!
YR : tak hingin pun nak hangkut kau loser !

5) Look, I am pretty/ handsome; I can make people hate you!
YR : yes you can but i'm sure they won't listen to vain-ians :P

If an annoying extremely ugly woman/man says :

1) I think you and I can make a good couple.
YR : laa kalau kau setakat extremely ugly boleh tolerate but ANNOYING ? sorry , boleh jalan broo :D

2) May I have your cell phone number? please please please?
YR : sorry , handphone dah masuk jamban ;)

3) Hi, wanna hang out? I want you to be with me the whole night.
YR : Papa Mama tak bagi keluar rumah , again , sorry 'sayang' . :)

4) What do you like about me?
YR : err your hurmm haa... your shirt ! :D

5) I want you to say that I am pretty/handsome and you like me soooooooo much!
YR : desperate ?

If your enemy says :

1) Hi bitch!
YR : stop talking to your own reflection oi perempuan :)

2) You smell like shit!
YR : eh ? it's your perfume laa beach !

3) What an ugly creature you are!
YR : again , toksah cakap ngan cermin , malu orang tengok laa .

4) I am going to kick your ass in this race for sure.
YR : and I am gonna kick yours for real :)

If your annoying ex says :

1) I still love you...
YR : but i don't :)

2) I know you still love me!
YR : *toleh belakang* who ? me ?

3) Please, come back with me honey/hubby...
YR : Aku dah kahwin laa , sorry :P

4) Please call me...
YR : lelaki apa suruh perempuan call siot ? Thank god kau dah jadi EX , syukran ! ;)

5) The break up hurt me so much...
YR : alololo nak minyak gamat ? *muka manis*

If an annoying salesperson says :

1) Wow! You are so pretty/handsome!
YR : oh wow ! teharu *jalan arah lain*

2) Seriously, I used this product and I've changed!
YR : err wha ?

3) We are giving a discount up to 50%!
YR : yeah ? like i give a crap :)

4) This one is good sir/madam. Buy sir/madam. Buy...
YR : bye bye xD

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  1. nadee:do you like me?
    bobol:hahahahaha~why not?! ^o^

  2. hoho wow rasa teharu dan nak nanges ! hahahahaha ,


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