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There is this one 'new year resolution that' I have been putting off. Not exactly put off but don't have enough motivation to make it come true.

The resolution is... Drum roll please... DIETING! Haha! Okay, okay. I know it seems easy for some of you guys. For example, Nadia Amira Othman, the girl from my primary school and my secondary school, good lord, she lose quite a lot of number and she looks superb now! She even decided to wear tudung. May Allah bless you girl. :)

But believe me. I've tried and failed. So when my ex schoolmate [Bal and Hana] which also are my neighbours called me on 8 o'clock this morning when I was sleeping soundly to invite me to gedebushh in the swimming pool, I grab the opportunity because if I didn't, I'll make sure the guilt of not exercising haunt me till I die. Mind you, I slept on 3 am that morning. Kuatkan semangat aku? Kudos for that! :D

Bal could not stop smiling because it will be her first time to gedebushh in our apartment's swimming pool. She went into the pool with her best somersault which sorry to say, looks more like tluasremos! :P No offence yeah babe. Hana decided not to gedebushh since she have a bad case of ratious or so I was told. Bal and me swam for a while then I suggested running around the pool since we both want to lose kilos so badly! Went running under water for a whole 3 or 4 laps. Pastu dah mengah. Man, I felt such a loser. Tapi still dah buat. Go Nadee!

Since Bal is more like a mummy dear, she packed us two tupperware of nasi goreng. After a whole an hour and some, we stop and I ate 3/4 nasi goreng in one of the container. Then we left for Bal's house. Just to chill for a while. After she took a bath, she went into the kitchen wanted to cook lauk singgang which is my sis's fav. I was amazed! Apparently, she cooks for her older brother every single day and it make me feel small. Man, bila aku nak belajar masak lauk pauk melayu ni?

Note to self : belajar masak cuti ni!

Another reason I was agreeing to them is to tan myself or in other words, I want to be sunburnt! It was like light years away my skin ever get burn by the sun. When I told others about this fascination, everybody thinks I'm saying that to fish out compliments about the colour of my skin. Just to make things clear. That's not my intention. I just love to look in the mirror and see my skin with so many colours. To me, it looks beautiful. :)

not like this though :P

When Bal looks kinda busy, I think it is best to blah from her house. So I said bye bye and she was sooo busy to care. LOL. Tekan butang elevator. Elevator sampai tingkat 10 [Bal's house]. Squeeze in the lift and press number 2 which is the level where's my house situated. When the elevator is going down and the monitor shown the number 6, I let out a puff or should I say a mega outburst of gas from my bottom. In other words, FART or KENTUT! LMAO! It was not entirely my fault. After a 'vigorous' exercise and then perkena nasi goreng, your perut will suddenly full of gases. You can try this at home. :) Ahhh~ Memang puaslah keluar semua gas!

Suddenly! The lift stops at level 4. And a lady walked in. I smiled at her while thinking "babe,it is your luckkkkky day!" and top it with an evil laugh in my mind. I bet she was relieved when the elevator stops at level two. Fresh air baby! Muahahaha! =))

I bet her face was like this!! :D priceless!

p/s : it does feel good to do evil . who's going to be my next vic ? :P

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