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Hey young ladies and gentlemen out there. It's been a while since I've updated this blog. A month and two days to be exact. Sorry. It's not like you guys long to read my blog though, right? Hehe. So, here I am.

There's nothing interesting to write about in the month that I stopped writing for a while. But I do have a favour to ask you beautiful people [err.okay.kiss ass much?LOL]. I would love for you guys to vote me in the DiGi Wwwow Awards that I participated in. The award is distributed in various categories and I chose to be in the Picture Of The Year category. 'Cos to be in the Blogger Of The Year categories would be like suicide since my blog is dull [and don't have much info y'all] and does not have many followers like BlogSerius or something like that lah kan.

I would really really appreciate if you guys can click the VOTE on my entry on the link below.

The downside is that you can only vote once per day. So, be a dear and vote everyday yeah? For me *batting eyelashes*. LOL. Oh yeah, you also have to be a proud owner of a facebook account before you can vote up.

Thanks in advance babes! XOXO~

p/s : aihh terasa makin gedik nampaknya aku ni. bhahaha! kamon babe, VOTE UP! i know you want to! *wink wink* :)

pp/s : i want to upload the picture that i had registered for the award but my blog is problematic. so i guess i will upload it later.

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  1. owg yg ade fesbook jea can vote??
    that means angah ta leh vote la kan..*boo*

  2. aah! hahaha kesian dye kan. awk tu dah vote blom haa dak matriks? :P

  3. ta kesian pon laa..haha
    da da..bwu klik yg atas yg kecit tuh..
    yg ye tules picture of the year..haha=P
    nice post for mum dear..
    eh..salah22..bkan dear,tapy bdak duk umah..


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