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2:13 PM

Yes, I am in UiTM Kuantan. Yes, I am a law student. Yes, I don't have my own laptop. Yes, I update my blog on my housemate's laptop. Yes, I live on my own. Yes, I don't eat vegetables since it will cost me 50 cents more a day. Yes, I wash my own clothes. Yes, I cried on certain days when I am missing my family. Yes, I have been accepted to join Peers Club but I do not join their activity today. Yes, I am tired from the volleyball competition yesterday. Yes, I want to turn back the clock if I can. Yes, I wish I did say something when the seniors asked us to team up with another team seconds before the game start. Yes, I blame our lost on that. Yes, I blame myself too. Yes, I love my housemates. Yes, I love my classmates. Yes, I have not been eyeing the guys. Yes, I don't have the urge to look for a boyfriend. Yes, I have been eating 'maggi goreng' lately. Yes, I am worried about money. Yes, I have many books to buy. Yes, I miss my family. Yes, I miss Haziqah Rosazanam and Alya Afifah Azmi. Yes, I miss Johor Bahru. Yes, I am strong enough to deal with all of the problems. Yes, I need Allah to guide me.

p/s : baru lepas kemas rumah dan bilik. puas hati gila doe! :D

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  1. yes you are AWESOME ! n yes ! i do miss u too goaty :D

  2. hahaha thank you sayang! love you! ;)


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