Journey Back Home

11:51 PM

I have been planning on going back home SECRETly two weeks prior to the date of my bus ticket which was on 15th of June, at 11.59 p.m. The weekend before I went back, my dearest mother and sister came to Kuantan to visit me. It almost made me spill my beans but I restrained myself with all the power I got...which was HARD since I am not that powerful.

On the day, my class ended at 8p.m. My classmate, Dayah planned a get together at a nearest mall. Bowling time baby! Most of you already know that bowling is my favourite pastime so I jumped at the idea and recruit more people to join us. Then after performing Maghrib, the ten of us make our way to the mall, by foot!

After what seems like hours, we arrived at the mall. Long wait for our turn to get a lane [since it's friday night]. Seven of us played in one lane. You can think for yourself the torture of waiting for the cycle to end. The condition of the lane did not help either. But in the end, I won. Opps. No need to write that down? Oh well, life goes on. Haha!

Our game ended at 10 p.m. plus and we rushed to get a taxi. I climbed three flight of stairs in order to reach my room. Shout and about to another two JB-ian for them to move faster [oh just pure fun!no need to rush actually LOL]. Waddle down the stairs with my big and yet light luggage and grab a taxi to the bus terminal. Grab an expensive dinner by the terminal at 11.22 p.m. on the dot. Ate with ten gulps and ran to the bus.

Sat on a comfortable chair provided by Transnasional which I paid for RM26.50. Sat beside my guy friend. Thank god for the divider between me and him. I did not feel so guilty sitting beside a guy. Hooray for Transnasional! We talked and talked for two hours straight while two of my girlfriends were fast asleep in front of us. Then we reach Mersing which have not so straight roads and I stopped talking and tried to sleep 'cos I felt nauseous.

It was 5 a.m. when we arrived in Johor Bahru. We decided to hit the sack at the mosque and perform our Subuh prayer. Around 7, we went to the taxi stand. This is where I felt like burying myself alive.

I asked a taxi driver like so "pakcik, nak pergi Hutan Bandar, bape ringgit ek?".

That pakcik made a face and said "err ikut meter lah dik..".

I slapped my forehead hard and laughed out loud. I still think I was in Kuantan! The expensive Kuantan! Long live Johor Bahru man! The ride only cleaned us RM4.50 unlike when we were in Kuantan, the ride which are walking distance would clean us RM7. Outrageous!

We stay at Hutan Bandar for a while to eat the famous Char Mee which is also my favourite. Then I catch a bus to go back home. After the bus ride, in order for me to reach my condo, I had to walk a not so steep hill [but covered with tar.err i dunno what to call it]. I was checking my phone and keeping an eye on my Along's car in case he was in his car ready to go to his office when I heard a honk.

I heard someone said "eh adikkkk! ape awak buat kat sini?"

It was my mom and sis. My mom's face was all smiley and surprised. Same goes to my sis although I knew she tried to hide it. Ego! Haha! All I can managed was a satisfactory smile. NGEE! :D They were surprised! Bazinga! [whoever watch The Big Bang Theory would know this word :)] They were on their way to Kuala Lumpur to catch the Band Competiton [which STF lost! HARHAR padan muke kau! :P but you were representing Johor Bahru, hmm]. My mom scolded me nicely on why I did not tell them that I was coming home and I just NGEE! :D

So after bye²-ing them, I went straight to my house on level 2, took the well hidden key and opened up my metal door. Papa opened up the wood door with an angry expression which turned to confused expression. It took him about ten seconds to register my face. And you guess it! All I did was NGEE! :D Oh, and a 'Hi Papa!' came out of my mouth.

My dad warned me not to touch any PC in my house and go straight to bed. Bummer right? I know! So I went to my Along's room, poke-poke him and called out his name. But he did not stir.

I said "ohh sombong eh kau! takpe takpe". So I also went to sleep. About 2 hours into my sleep, my Along who have woke up came to me, sit on my bed and poke-poke and pat-pat me shrieking "eh tuttt balikk? bila bailkkk?". And the poking goes on and on until I shake him off and glue my eyes shut. Taste your own medicine dude! Muahahaha~!

Bangun dengan muka puas dapat tidur lama! Rumah hanya dipenuhi oleh Papa and Angah. Mama, Akak and Along naik KL dengan hal masing-masing. Oh, I felt so welcome! :P

p/s : inilah yang terjadi kalau procrastinate. dah lama cadang nak tulis entry ni tapi tak ter tulis². sekarang tulis tapi banyak rasa blerghhh BOOring.

pp/s : semalam tidur 3 pagi sebab baca blogserius. harini tidur 3 pagi sebab menaip blog yang tak berapa nak serius.

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  1. haha hai orang JB jugak!

    *lambai kuku*

  2. haha awak adik ?
    comeelnye !

  3. adik dulu, kini dan selamanya... KOT! haha comel lah sangat :P


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