The Weekender

      Mama and sis came to town for the weekend. I was excited since the last time I saw them was like two weeks ago. So, the day before they came, I bought two bottle of A&W's rutbir and a pack of Loacker's yummy and creamy wafers filled with vanilla [hihi sedap doeee]. Originally, I thought that all of my family members excluded angah will come but actually just the two of them. But hey, beggars can't be picky right?

      They arrived on 2pm++, picked me up from my campus and drove to Zenith Hotel, the nearest hotel. We checked in and rest for a while and after asar, we walked to East Coast Mall, shopping, I withdraw some money and we walked together to the bazaar next to the bus terminal. Mama was a bit disappointed with the spread at the bazaar because she recalled that the bazaar was not the same bazaar she went to when she studied in MRSM Kuantan looong time ago. I belanja my sis some this and that [hehehe kena tulis jugak! welkk :P].

      Arrived back at the hotel and walking through the gigantic door yang dibukakan oleh the usual handsome busboy that always greet us with a large and cute smile, cute eyes, cute eyebrows, cute mancung nose...okay you got it. [over pulak da haha!] Entered our room on level 6, bergolek-golek sementara menunggu azan maghrib berkumandang daripada handphone CSL ku. Oh, lupa nak cakap. I got a new phone already. Hehe. Feel free to call me! :D Please please pleaseee call me! LOL. It's been more than a month aku tidak menerima panggilan telefon sesiapa. Jadi, rajin-rajinkan lah diri untuk call aku. Aku setia menunggu. :P

remember this? no more! dah bole ignore dah hehehe

haa ini dye! new phone teehee, pink itu wajib! ^^,

      Azan from my CSL berkumandang, then we ate the food that we bought from the bazaar. Oh nyum! Iam hungry now just thinking about yesterday. So after praying maghrib, mama ajak pergi ECM untuk beli supper. Apa lagi, I jumped to the idea dengan pantasnya! Of course lah kan. Sebab since duduk sini, makanan fancy-fancy takde nya aku nak beli. Pokai bro. Once in a blue moon jelah kot. I bought KFC snack box, two large cheesy wedges and half dozen of Big Apple's donuts.

nampak macam sedap je kan? padahal muke dah warna biru dah sebab muak sangat HAHA

      My sis played with my lappy until I don't know when. When I woke up for sahur around 3.40am, she's still up in front of the lappy. I wake mama up and together without sis, we sahur at the hotel's place. My perut was sooo full eating all the buffet spread. After subuh, we slept the day through. Half of the day to be exact because we woke up around 12pm to checked out. Sigh...

      We went to Megamall to buy some foods for lil ol' me. And they drop me at my campus which was just now. It felt short, the time we spent together. I already miss them terribly. Goodbye my lovers.

p/s : papa call and cakap "jaga diri, jaga agama, jaga harta benda awak, jangan bagi masuk lubang tandas lagi, jaga jangan bagi harta awak orang rosakkan etc etc xD

Slumberland Vono

1. I like him a little bit.
2. Dreamt about him.
3. Like him a lot.
4. Nothing happened.
5. The like-ness fizzled to a big nothing whatsoever.
6. Days later, dreamt about him AGAIN.
7. Confused.
8. Sad.


I am sick. I went to a government clinic and got my MC and it came with a package; 1 big bottle of cough SYRUP - yeah, the black yucky tasting syrup that we consumed when we were younger, a pack of vitamins C, ubat penitis dalam telinga and antibiotics. One word, YUCKS! Ugh, I am so not gonna eat all that. Antibiotics, yes but cough syrup? No thanks! My right ear is disfunctioning right now. I neep some sleep I guess. Toodles!

Oh lupa, aku buat entry ni untuk tunjuk something.

My beloved roomate update 5 status yang merapu pakai my account. Terbaik. Dan I tricked her into logging into her account using my laptop. But sadly, my other roomate ter logout kan. Dummy. So tonight, I'm gonna kill her in her bed. Muahahaha! *evil laugh* Oh, Im gonna do it with a spoon.


What is it with students and cheating? They are like a pair wherever I go. No matter where I am; in primary school, secondary school or even now, in higher education level they are still together. Students should be mature enough to differentiate the good and the bad hey?... NOT!

This are what I could gather for the pass few tests I have been in.

1. Pretty Queen make it like she drop her pen on the floor and while she retrieve it, she asked for answers to the person next to her.

2. Not-so-pretty Queen whispering together with the person next to her to have the best answer to be write down in their paper.

3. Look through textbook while the lecturer look away.

Haha! Noob! LOL.

When I took Law038 test just now, Adorable want to give me her answer because she could see that I was stucked. Allah sahajalah tahu betapa tempting-nya itu. Haha, but aku kuatkan semangat untuk tidak meniru. I did not blamed her though. I guess it's her way saying Iloveyoufriend. and Iloveyoutoo girlfriend! :)

p/s : kalau takde keberkatan, apa guna hidup.