5:01 PM

What is it with students and cheating? They are like a pair wherever I go. No matter where I am; in primary school, secondary school or even now, in higher education level they are still together. Students should be mature enough to differentiate the good and the bad hey?... NOT!

This are what I could gather for the pass few tests I have been in.

1. Pretty Queen make it like she drop her pen on the floor and while she retrieve it, she asked for answers to the person next to her.

2. Not-so-pretty Queen whispering together with the person next to her to have the best answer to be write down in their paper.

3. Look through textbook while the lecturer look away.

Haha! Noob! LOL.

When I took Law038 test just now, Adorable want to give me her answer because she could see that I was stucked. Allah sahajalah tahu betapa tempting-nya itu. Haha, but aku kuatkan semangat untuk tidak meniru. I did not blamed her though. I guess it's her way saying Iloveyoufriend. and Iloveyoutoo girlfriend! :)

p/s : kalau takde keberkatan, apa guna hidup.

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  1. Nahh, its normal lah nadee. Tiru meniru tu adat lah. Tapi sys baek. Jarang meniru. (:

  2. normal? saya benci kan ke-normal-an :) hehehe sys JARANG? ehem.


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