8:11 PM

I am sick. I went to a government clinic and got my MC and it came with a package; 1 big bottle of cough SYRUP - yeah, the black yucky tasting syrup that we consumed when we were younger, a pack of vitamins C, ubat penitis dalam telinga and antibiotics. One word, YUCKS! Ugh, I am so not gonna eat all that. Antibiotics, yes but cough syrup? No thanks! My right ear is disfunctioning right now. I neep some sleep I guess. Toodles!

Oh lupa, aku buat entry ni untuk tunjuk something.

My beloved roomate update 5 status yang merapu pakai my account. Terbaik. Dan I tricked her into logging into her account using my laptop. But sadly, my other roomate ter logout kan. Dummy. So tonight, I'm gonna kill her in her bed. Muahahaha! *evil laugh* Oh, Im gonna do it with a spoon.

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