Facebook is going craaazy!

5:04 PM

      It's been a boring and long day. Woke up around the same time I did last day and the day before and the day before...well, I can't tell you what was the exact time 'cos then I won't be someone's wife...ever. Haha! Hey, the title does say it all aite? And oh maybe this picture will helped. 

      Alright alright, I will explained. The weird thing about this picture up here is that these regular pokers just poked me a couple of hours before I wanna poked them back but the time below their names says...A YEAR AGO. Oooh man, that makes me look bad as a cool poker. Yeah, you can poke me and see for yourself. You will be poked back in a matter of seconds or maybe minutes or maybe even hours but I swear it won't take a year for me to poked you back. Try me out. TTYL.

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