It's Mucho Sad-O

12:53 PM

      On 9.51am while I was still soundly asleep after having my Subuh prayer, I woke up by the sound of my hand phone ringing indicated that I have a text message. With penuh kepayahan, I squinted at the screen and it shows a text from Miss Hotlink which reads Maxis Movies - Enjoy Buy1 Get1 Free movie ticket offer for any movie, anyday, anytime at TGV & GSC cinemas. Visit

      And sure, yeah, I did opened the website and you know what? I got punked...hard! It's a total rip off man. The movies that I want to watch are only available at all movie theaters except Johor Bahru's. It is sooo not cool to trick a person who just woke up. Her soul is not even fully transmitted back in her body. Miss Hotlink, I hate you.

see for yourself! *soft crying

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