Sundae Cone

4:15 PM

      Last week, we hit Melaka's Al-Ikhsan store to search for my sport shoes, given that my 3/4 years old sport shoes already seen better days. I was fond of that shoes. We have been through a lot together; through winning and losing. Because of you, I managed to represent my district. Oh well, I do love you and I'm sorry that I have to throw you out honey.

      Papa showed me Nike's Dual Fusion and I put it on even though it was one size bigger than mine. I walked around the store and I felt like walking on clouds. The shoes hugs my feet, padded my steps and it's comfortable like crazy. Long story short, I fell in love with this shoes! I asked the sales person to look for my size and after a while, he came back and said "sorry, this is the only size available. others are already sold out." I was like "err. that's the first. all this while, it was hard for me to get shoes that is large enough for my feet and now it doesn't have one size SMALLER?" I was haha-ing at first and sobsob-ing the next. Papa said that I should let it go and search for the same model at Johor Bahru. 

      So we went to the 'Factory Store' of Al-Ikhsan in Johor Bahru, it didn't even have the model that I want. So we hit another store and another and another but sadly, they did not have LARGER size. Sighh. That shows you how many people have the same size as me eh? Shocked? Definitely no. Annoyed? Oh, yes please. I am giving up on looking for sport shoes...for now. Hope there's a better tomorrow, Insyallah.

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