I dreaded this

5:47 PM

      Every time I feel down or some sort, I would want to write it down and share it with people. I don't really know why. But I do know that if some read it, somehow my burden will lessen. Yeah, its my baby theory. I do know for fact that my friends did not drop by my blog often so I feel free about writing stuff here. 

      As for today, I'm having a HUGE regret for something. It is about deleting someone's contact number from your past. People said that if you wanna get through  bad break up or even forgetting someone, you have to delete all the stuff that could be reminded of that particular someone or even make us contact him/her back. 

      In my case, it's more or less the same. Bad break up. Bad patching up. Kinda pretty girlfriend after me. Sigh. So, the easiest solutions were to delete his number and block his Facebook etc. I made him pretty much non-exist in my life. Well, now after a year and some months of all that, I browse my diary then saw his name and the rest is history.

      I unblock his Facebook since I completely forget his contact number (so yeah, in order to forget someone, delete his number. you will not reach him again! ever! but for those who have a steel heart lah). And I sent him a message wishing him goodluck on his STPM this year. But I got no reply from him. Oh well, life goes on. I do miss him though. Seriously.

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  1. tried as what u hav done.but me memorize ye pnye num cumne?haha

  2. haha! i know. first2 mmg kene strong will ntok tak meng-contct dye AT ALL :)


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