My days are numbered

11:02 AM

      These past few days have been hell. I cried my eyes out. Yeah, it was the only way I could feel live again. It. Was. The. Only. Way. When at time like this, I feel all alone in this big world. I admit that I have cool friends but sometimes they kinda sorta can't get through me, you know? BIG SIGH. I want to be alone. I WANT TO BE ALONE! :( I hate them...not my friends. The other them. I always hated them. When I am on my way to like them, there will always be a reason for me not to. I know it's harsh to not to but heck, experiences cannot be erased. Oh god, I am not making any sense here. Guys, please pray for me - lots. Ya Allah, I need so much strength now! :')

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