Twenty Twelve \0/

11:56 PM

      It's the year of twenty twelve already. Hey, it has a nice ring to it isn't it? Two Ts. Hee. This year is gonna be different I'm sure. I did wanna post a sarcastic remark on how the same it feels to be in this year and the before but I hold my horses since I bought a new camera! Woohaa~ :D What makes it a big deal? Well, to answer that, I have to take you a couple of months back. LOL. No lah. It's a big deal 'cos I bought it with my own money maa. I had been saving for it since the start of my foundation in Kuantan. Ah, less talk lah.

Hee you see here? me got this <3 :)

      And also, new attitude is forming...I guess. Assignments are not done still. Ehem, so cut that. New attitude is forming...later on. Not today. Not. Today.

p/s : i TERedit new name for this blog and the background before 16th Jan. OOPSIEEE :P

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  1. weyy serious laa u bought this , i have one tooo maa !! hahahaha urs pink ke ? mine silver hehehe

  2. OMG OMG OMG! u effing serious?! haaaaa sehati sejiwa! kahkahkah <3 ehee mine pink! silver burok! kbye.


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