Princess Nadee's Day Part II

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      I don't really know how to start this off 'cos the tale that I wanna write is looong overdue it's time; 16th January's story. And since I'm off for my degree in just 3 days time, I might as well do it now.

      As most of you know (i'm just assuming you do), the first part of this birthday celebration of mine (click for the entry) is safely buried among other older posts.  The reason that this 2nd part emerge is because I sincerely want this story to have it's own entry. These kind people deserve this. :')

US! :)
alaa, aku takde gambar dayah! sorry dayah! :(

      So on the night of Princess Nadee's birthday eve, my roommate hit a bump so my other roommates and me console her and such but then the clock hits 12 and my phone started to vibrate and ring, so I have to excused myself to the balcony since it would be rude to not to pick up right? Me and the caller had a long talk (aku yang call balik. sebab call free. zzz. muehehehe).

      Then suddenly my other roommate barge in and asked me to help her console the frazzled roommate of ours. I put down the phone and make way to our room. I open the door......and there went flying powders everywhere; in my hair, my face, nightgown and all over the floor with people singing Happy Birthday Song. I was stunned and I sat there blinking away the powders and shaking (hentak-hentak) my feet like a little girl. Looking back I feel like smacking my own self for doing just that...ugh, annoying gila aku nak hentak-hentak kaki bagai. Pardon me, it's my reflex action. Haha.

      As I looked around my room, I could see the familiar faces of my old beloved housemates. Then one by one reach out to me and gave me a butterfly lookalike papers in various colours with little notes engraved on it. When they done so, they said "Sorry Nadee, budget takde, ni je yang kitorang mampu buat." and I was like, this type of thing is the best! It came right from the heart. I know, awww right? hihi :')

      Only thank you(s) came out of me at that time 'cos I was speechless. They brought along bottles of soft drinks and crackers and chips for a sort of small party for me. They talked and laugh just like old times in Sem 1. I miss this lot, loads! We never have a yawn moment ever when we were together, I tell you. Watching movies together, hang out together, sleeping together, golek-golek together, cleaning the house together (never i wrote here....that i missed our spick and span house whilst in Sem 2 haha), laughing together, fought together but in the end everything will end well.

this is from Chacha, my bakal akak ipar. HAHAHA!
this is from Su, our moody madam. hihi at first lah. lelame, senget jugak kepala budak ni :p
this is from Dayah, our sound of reasons. she's also one of the reason where i am right now. :') oh, dan budak ni manja ngan mak bapak dye! keh keh abeh laa kat shah alam nanti takleh balik selalu. korang kene jage dye taw! xD
this is from Fee, our bubbly mate. i miss hugging you babe! :'D oh dan tengok ape dye tulis tu, ade ke patut  cakap aku suka procrastinate. uwaaaaaa T.T hahahaha no more yo pas ni! :)
last but not least. this is from Zee, kembor si Fee. takleh pisah! hehehe. budak ni jugak  my karaoke mate! she's really good at drawing and such. i still simpan your lukisan babe; the one yang imaginary handsome boyfriend of mine hahaha!

      The night ended but not the memories. I'm sooo gonna search for you guys punya kembar masa degree nanti. Mesti awesome hidup! :) I love you guys to the max! Thanks for making my Sem 1's life meaningful and yawn-less. I wish you guys all the best for the next step and may Allah bless us all and pertemukan kita dimana-mana dalam cycle of life kita later on. :*

i dedicate this song to you guys! sorry, lagu ni ada censored sikit. tapi semua dah lebih 18 tahun kaaan? hihihi. but the message here is that YOU'VE GOT IT ALL! 

p/s : awan, syasya, faz and anem, i'm sorry for posting this and without your names here. it may be not in here. but's in my heart. you guys are a part of my life and i thank you all for that (kalau korang terbaca lah post ni kan).

pp/s : yep. this lot called me Poo which actually stands for Pooh sebab insiden mase first we met. sigh. i miss hearing you guys called me Poo.

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