Those Days

3:23 AM

      Morning it is. 3:16am to be exact. What am I doing up so late, I asked myself. Lots of things happened in these couple of weeks. It's taking it's toll on me. Nah, kidding. I have Allah so I don't fret that much. Feels kinda down lately because I feel like I need to do something worthwhile other than studying (yeah, as if i do it greatly but still).

      Trying to do an assignment now which needed to be done in pair but end up doing it all alone since everyone's is paired up. What happen here is maybe pembalasan dendam untuk tidur lewat mungkin. And I know I'm gonna regret this tomorrow. Typical.

      This is just another post of...i-don't-have-anything-else-to-do-and-so-hello-blog!

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