The One And Only

1:39 AM

Hi dad.

      Remember the picture? The first day where I'm bound to make the growth of your grey hairs go hay *giggles* And where I was waaay shorter than you?  

      Dad, here I am, miles away from you and 13 years older the one in the picture. And looks like it is 12am. And you know what day is today kan? I know the text I sent you arrived safely in your inbox. Because I chocked on your reply. Well, watching Timothy Green the movie beforehand menyumbang to it as well. Oh, I mean every little words I wrote down there. I love you, dad. I really do.  

      I remember till this day that you are my hero, dad. Was, still am and I'm pretty sure will always be. The hero who sneaked a bottle of milk for me each morning until I was 6 years old before sending me to kindergarten. Then when I hit the age of sekolah rendah and sekolah menengah, you, the hero will always be there, fetching me or just greeting me with your calm self at home while hanging around the television. 

      Dad, remember that part of time when I was growing up, troubles hit me from every kind of possible angles and I kinda lost my way? I must say thank you. Thank you for listening to my grumbles and frustrations. Thank you for not interrupting while I do so. Thank you for showering me with understanding. Thank you for the timely response. And of course, thank you for giving me the words of wisdom that comfort me and also giving me the courage to handle it with a smile. Doing so, you also reminded me time and time again to not to lose hope or to be too sad because you always say Allah will always be with me. How calmed I would be every single time I heard know that don't you, dad?

      Then, now. Yes, when I am now in my 20's. Unbelievable, you are still here by my side when I need you. I know you trust me enough to step into the world on my own but with you being you, you still wanna be by my side just to look out for my back. Take the the driving licence thingy for example. You trust me enough to let me drive but if only you are right beside me, making sure everything is okay. I know that's one of the ways to show me that you care. 

      Do you know that when every time I look into the mirror, I see you? You influenced me so much to be who I am right now. I couldn't be less proud of the fact. We could not be much more alike emotionally, dad. Bah, most of things lah I am like you. Like what mom always say, I am daddy's girl. Physically? Can't say. Because let's face the fact dad, you are shorter than me now. Hehehe.

      To see you with mom, well, that's the icing on top. You are caring, gentle, romantic, funny, ruggedly handsome...a package for beloved mom. Thank you too for all the love you pour for her. How I wish one day I could have someone who is just like you to be my...ehem. And then you will know your little girl is well taken care of kan? Okay, sorry, ter-berangan. :p

      The reason I wrote all this down? Well, not all actually. There is so much thing I wanna let you know but things in my head kinda unsorted. So this is all that I could come up. I hope you get the jizz of it. I just hope when you are all alone and missing me (i know you always do. jangan malu nak mengaku ye pa. hahaha), come back to this post,  read it again and again, and know that your little girl is really really reallyyy proud to have you as her daddy. I couldn't dream of for a better dad. Again, I love you with all my heart, dad. May Allah loves you here and hereafter as much as you love me or maybe more! I hope one day all of us could be in Jannah, happily ever after. Amin ya robb. HUGS! KISSES! 

Your little girl. 

Hisham bin Haron, a great dad, friend, motivator, hero and so, so, sooo much more! 

My life's goal would be to make you feel proud of having me as your daughter.

To all dads who have passed away, let's recite al-fatihah shall we? Al-fatihah. 
Ladies, let's show how truly we love our dads by being a great muslimah. 
Save our dads from all the troubles by getting ourselves out of troubles. Smile.

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