Love - Dad

      Do you know, today, 29th November, is the day Thomas Edison successfully invented a gramophone?
He shouted "Mary had a little lamb!"
This reminds me of dad this one time.
      Dad were trying to fix our old microphone, and at the time mom and sister kept on singing the verse of "Bilaaa, yang tertulis untukku." from the song of Kenangan Terindah by Samson which when on and on for weeks. So when dad want to test the 'workness' of the microphone, he too sang the verse of "Bilaaa, yang tertulis..." Shook the microphone a few times and try again "Bilaaa...". The microphone worked! Dad and I were very much delighted.
      But after the "Bilaaa..." poof, the microphone went dead once again. And this time, for good. Dad's face that moment was really cute; a mix of disappointment and triumph that only could be seen in the face of a child.
       May Allah bless you, dad.

Quick Update

      Class canceled. Oops, classes canceled. Too many canceled classes.

      If only mother provide me with a car, I'll be zooming to her every day. Ah, that would be awesome to day dream about.

      Have to finish up the project for le sister's wedding by this wednesday and I haven't have a clue on what to do! I know, groan!

      Been really hard to fall asleep early these day. I blame you, lappy. Many goodies (read: TV shows, sitcoms, movies, pictures etc) inside you. Gonna go back to old bedtime routine of unwind sooner.

      Have a blessed day, readers!


      I've always known since I was a kid that writing is my passion. And alhamdulillah, my beautiful, knowing mother of mine knows that and keep pushing me to write (or wrote since it's been decades).

      I still remember my very own first short story when I was about 11 years old. It's about a kitten named Ginger Snap who is lost in the big weird world where some people treat her good while one or two makes it hell and how she survived. My mother loved it so much that she printed it and showed it to her colleagues and keep on talking about my so called masterpiece up until now. At the time, I took the courage to send it to my school's yearbook editor. It wasn't that good for me personally but with that kind of enthusiasm from your mother, how could you just not try?

      At the end of the year, I flipped through the yearbook eagerly but was devastated to not to see my karya in it. It felt horrible. My mother knew how much it meant to me and so she cheered me up and gave me one of her best it's-not-the-end-of-the-road kinda pep talk. Gullible as I was (and still is), I trust her back then. I keep on writing and so, here I am.

      As I watched the movies I've watched my entire life (which is a lot. ask anyone), I noticed that people in the movies who aren't happy with their lives or just plain old bored, draws or paints to get things out of their system. And every time they do so, I'll always question myself on what is my 'thing' that I go to when that is me.

      And then I realized - writing. Writing has always been the 'thing' I run to whenever I am mad, sad, bored, happy, in fear and so much more. People tell me that I'm witty at times but when it comes to an argument on something that I care about, I lost my words. I almost always have a great comeback, moments later when the time have passed, and it frustrates me a lot. But with writing, I can say anything and everything that I am feeling to the dot. Writing about anything down calms me. This particular post is actually caused by a 2010's movie It's Kind Of A Funny Story I've just watched.

      With words, I can be anything, I can say what is on my mind and with writing, I wish I could inspire people.

      I'm glad I found my passion. What's yours?

Them VS You

      It's the time (cough. university life. cough.) where belong to a group will make you feel worthy. Don't be fooled! That sort of lie was never in The Manual to Life to begin with. Get out of the cycle! Get a life! Be cool! Being around the wrong people is much more hazardous to you than being all alone.

"One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

      As people grow older, the need to be accepted by the norms grow along with them. Break the spell and you can thank me later. Be yourself. You are unique. And if no one can accept it, heck, it's their lost. (insert the most charming smile ever)

     Speaking from experience here. Cheers. May Allah bless.


      Had 3 days extra of weekend and yet this blog of mine haven't got the makeover it deserves. Whatever happen to my time? Sigh. Need to muhasabah a lotlah after this.

      This coming Saturday, a classmate of mine, Maslina binti Abd Samat will be someone's wife. InsyaAllah there'll be an update on it soon after it. Pray the best for her. Barakallah, friend! Be the best wife yang solehah ever! :)

I Wanna!

      Assalamualaikum dear readers.

First and foremost, I wanna change the layout of this dusty blog of mine! Soon. Because black may look cool with any colour but it's also kinda sorta enhance the gloominess of something.

      Then I'm thinking of writing a series which will be under the title of 'The Plan - (anything)' where I'll write everything that I may have plan on doing with my future self; as a Muslim, as a citizen, as a lady, as a daughter, as a sister, as a wife and as a mother or maybe as a grandmother. As a checklistlah in a way but could benefit or inspire others. Hopefully.

      And for sure, I'm going to kick myself if each week goes by without any input from me here later on. I've invest so much on Facebook that I rarely have more creative juice flowing for my blog which a shame really since Facebook's posts would buried under nonsense after sometimes where anything written here is forever.

      Hopefully it will all work out. Please pray for all of this and for me to be persistent. Jazakallah (thank you). Do be on the lookout for my next posts. Have a great weekend, everybody!

Just leaving behind this awesome vid from Pentatonix. Enjoy!