Love - Dad

6:28 AM

      Do you know, today, 29th November, is the day Thomas Edison successfully invented a gramophone?
He shouted "Mary had a little lamb!"
This reminds me of dad this one time.
      Dad were trying to fix our old microphone, and at the time mom and sister kept on singing the verse of "Bilaaa, yang tertulis untukku." from the song of Kenangan Terindah by Samson which when on and on for weeks. So when dad want to test the 'workness' of the microphone, he too sang the verse of "Bilaaa, yang tertulis..." Shook the microphone a few times and try again "Bilaaa...". The microphone worked! Dad and I were very much delighted.
      But after the "Bilaaa..." poof, the microphone went dead once again. And this time, for good. Dad's face that moment was really cute; a mix of disappointment and triumph that only could be seen in the face of a child.
       May Allah bless you, dad.

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