Babble Babble

      It's Fridaaaaaay! And as for this semester, I do not have Friday classes. At. All. Tapi Isnin-Khamis memang penuh lah kan. 

      Semalam heard this one particular song on the radio.

      My ex kindergarten teacher which now is known as the mother of my best bud, Teacher Sharifah told me that my friends and I once sang this song together just because. My beloved aunt who was also my kindergarten teacher, Mak Tam at the time spilled her tears. Teacher Sharifah looked at her and asked "Why are you crying? Stop crying." And Mak Tam answered "Just think about it, they are going to be big girls and all. Kejap je masa." To that, Teacher Sharifah also cried (time tu her daughter was one of the 'singers' lagi pun hehe).

I'm a big, big girl
in a big, big world
It's not a big, big thing if you leave me
but I do, do feel that
I do, do will miss you much
miss you much

      Sure enough, here I am 15 years later, a big girl; finishing my degree next year and growing up. The times I had in Sri Kamariah's kindergarten is a blast! I got to know a lot of people, learn new things that I love, read to my heart's content and where being myself was encouraged. My best buddies now were the ones that I met in 1997 with goops hanging through our noses (HAHA). Kinda says it all lah kan. Missing them. 

      Ladies, we are big, big girls now. At the brink of womanhood. Fuh. May Allah bless you guys. I'm just a phone call away, yeah. Take care. Less than three.

How The Cookie Crumbles


      Dad got home from the mosque, opened the door and greeted with an enthusiastic "Hiii!" which he replied "Assalamualaikum." sarcastically, of course. But I didn't back down, I reply "Hiii!" once again with the same kind of enthusiasm to which dad being dad, got into his sermon mode which goes like "Penat-penat aku ajar kau bagi salam. Kau HI kan aku." By that time I was grinning like crazy on the verge of HA HA HA.

      Then he continues "...kau ni sama macam kakak kau." And sure enough, he was referring to our HI thingy. Not that she(I) dislike giving out Salam(s) but that just how things work; to show dad that he's love. She does gave out enthusiastic kind of HIs to him when he came back (when she was home). And I guess, now I am too.

      It kinda reminds me of our childhood. Which pretty much can be summed up by the photo below.


      This was (still is) us most of the times. It's what I feel anyway. I just love to be in the same circle with my sister; to dress up the way she approves etc. Sure it stings whenever she dissed me but I never take it to heart since I know it's what makes us, US. The way we communicate isn't normal. We pushed each other buttons and had fun doing it.

      Now she's married and all, she's in another world. Things will be different I'm sure. I'm no longer her 'world'. Sad, yes I am. I cried at her wedding. Haha, I know, shush.

      Dear sis, just know that I'm always gonna be here for you, whenever, just say the word and I'll be there. Take a good care of yourself. You are one awesome chick and do not let anyone tell you the opposite. Stay pretty, cough cough.

Your Annoying (cute) Baby Sister

2014 It Is

2013 is

The year I had been disrespected upon.
The year the thrill of making new friends is lost.
The year I've been humiliated in front of people.
The year I've been misjudged.
The year I was laughing one moment then cry the next.
The year that being the person that I am is unacceptable.
The year a trusted 'friend' used my deepest darkest moment against myself.
The year I know that not everyone is a friend.

It stings but
despite all that,
2013 is also

The year 2 cuteness-overload-persons officially are a part of Hisham's in May and in November.
The year I realised that my mom will always be my knight in shining armor.
The year kakak asked "Sedih eh jadi anak bongsu? Takde sape eh nak dengar cerite awak?" and hugged me long time and be there for me like she never did before.
The year I watched a beautifully written movie with dear brother and sister-in-law; he cried during the movie and so did I.
The year I learn that my dad truly is my hero. If I could be with someone who is even half of the man that he is, I would be lucky.
The year that I got to fulfilled my lifelong dream.
The year that I realised that people come and go and it's okay for them to do so.
The year I feel so loved.
The year I realised that it's important to keep the people who love me for me closer at heart and in my doa.
The year I feel that I indeed am not alone.

I have these people (you know who you are. wink.) to keep me going.

From deep within the heart, I thank you to each and every one of  you for loving me for me and keeping me sane all through 2013.

O Allah, You never leave me alone to face all the stormy moments.
I feel you each and every time. I thank You for all the ujian(s). It makes me who I am now stronger, insyaAllah.
I am blessed.
You said that "Take one step towards Me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards Me, I will run towards you." and trust You I will.

And please, dear loved ones, I would like to return the favour so if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, someone to turn the frown upside down, or even a buddy to laugh along to your silly jokes, I am going to be here, all the time, 24/7.

I have no money to spend on you. But I do have a heart to love and the time to spend with you. Remember, I'm just a phone call away. Don't ever hesitate to call. :D You'll never walk alone. I can promise you that.
Well, we will never walk alone; it's almost impossible 'cos Allah is just a sujud away.

I also realised it's not a big problem to be myself because those who mind don't matter and those who matter, don't mind. I hold on to this dearly now.

Happy New Year.
My New Year’s resolution?
To touch people's life and to be there for anyone who is in need.
Pray for me.
May Allah bless you guys and ease everything that we do.

Smile! It's sunnah. :)

p/s: okay, i know i did say i wanna changed the skin of my blog but never came around to do so. but  i promise it will be done after the end of this semester; before i officially turn 21. gasp!