Babble Babble

      It's Fridaaaaaay! And as for this semester, I do not have Friday classes. At. All. Tapi Isnin-Khamis memang penuh lah kan. 

      Semalam heard this one particular song on the radio.

      My ex kindergarten teacher which now is known as the mother of my best bud, Teacher Sharifah told me that my friends and I once sang this song together just because. My beloved aunt who was also my kindergarten teacher, Mak Tam at the time spilled her tears. Teacher Sharifah looked at her and asked "Why are you crying? Stop crying." And Mak Tam answered "Just think about it, they are going to be big girls and all. Kejap je masa." To that, Teacher Sharifah also cried (time tu her daughter was one of the 'singers' lagi pun hehe).

I'm a big, big girl
in a big, big world
It's not a big, big thing if you leave me
but I do, do feel that
I do, do will miss you much
miss you much

      Sure enough, here I am 15 years later, a big girl; finishing my degree next year and growing up. The times I had in Sri Kamariah's kindergarten is a blast! I got to know a lot of people, learn new things that I love, read to my heart's content and where being myself was encouraged. My best buddies now were the ones that I met in 1997 with goops hanging through our noses (HAHA). Kinda says it all lah kan. Missing them. 

      Ladies, we are big, big girls now. At the brink of womanhood. Fuh. May Allah bless you guys. I'm just a phone call away, yeah. Take care. Less than three.