Near Death Experience

The title sums it all. I did face it...

      There are 3 intersections with traffic lights before turning into my office building. As the traffic light from the lane on my left turned red, I pressed on my gas and turn when suddenly I heard a honk from a car on my right. A bigger car than mine was about to rammed into me. All I could do was raising my hand apologetically because it was clearly my fault.

      That shows in a matter of seconds, things could happen, be it good or bad.

      And sure, I learnt my lesson; I will wait for the light to turn green and by then only I will make my move. All this time I thought I was invisible.

      Thank you Allah.

See you again, I hope.

I Would Not Be The Worst Mother

      As some of you might know, I am blessed with 2 beautiful nieces. One is my brother's and one is my sister's. Nuha, The Wise One and Marissa, The Polite One.

      Marissa, or as I call her Tibet 'cause she looked like someone from Tibet when she was born, is living together with us at our parents' home. 

      I've been under the weather these past few days and I was home for 2 days now, MC-ing. So today I welcomed her home from her nursery. Then prepare her from her daily bath. I cradled her to sleep or trying to. Mama got back from work, get into her cleaning mode and mopped the floor really vigorously. 

      As I was climbing down the bed while cradling Tibet, I slipped when my foot touched the ground. I could not do anything as all I am thinking is poor Tibet and what would happen if I tried to grab hold onto anything. So I went down and the back of my head banged on the bedside table and my poor bum hit the floor. All the time I hugged Tibet close to me keeping her from harms way. Alhamdulillah, everything is okay except I am a bit woozy still from the head banging (pun intended).

      It got me thinking. If I am ever bless with a child or two of my own, insyaAllah I would not be the worst mother in the world; I will protect them from harms way with all my might.

      On an unrelated note, this is my first post after a really looong time. Oh my. A year to be exact. And ta-da(!) a new look too.

See you again.