Farewell 2008~

12:18 AM

2008 past by without me realising that I am going to miss this old year. Many things has happened whether good or bad. I am still going to remember and fertile it as long as I can. Friends come and go, but as the old saying goes when it comes to friendship is Make new friends, but keep the old ones, for one is silver and one is gold.

It is so true, but what makes me a bit emotional for today is that maybe aku susah hendak terima kenyataan yang aku akan TUA! Hahahahahahahaha. Umur semakin naik. Mahu cakap STOP, tetapi ‘dia’ agak degil untuk mendengar arahan aku. Hendak buat macam mana ini? Sedih juga kerana...... Entahlah ya. I have a mix feeling about this new year thingy. I hope this new year will bring many many many many many many happy things! I also hope that I can keep my resolutions.


- be a perfect anak for my parents -

- be a solehah grown-up girl -

- be a perfect khalifah on Allah’s earth -

Well, maybe I exaggerate a bit about being a PERFECT somebody, but I will try and only time could tell if I succeed. See you all at the top! Wish me luck guys n pray for me.


Nadilah Hisham. =)

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