12:11 AM

Huwmm. Where should i begin this......

Today, Saturday, 17th January 2009, I have to school despite the fact that it is Saturday. Wake up on 05.55 AM [argh! so tired!] and go to school with mata yang separuh terkatup. Pagi-pagi sudah kena cuci telinga with taklimat about KOKO. BORING! After 10.30 AM, all of us had to study using Thursday's time table.

Bahasa Melayu, start and end.
Agama cancelled due on Ustaz Ali's 'absent'ness.
Sivik, startttttttttttttttt and finally end!

Before I can go home, I have to do a lot of task for a lot of teachers, but my house is just around the corner of the school. So, i dont really mind that much. Yesterday, my mom and i agreed to go out for purchasing my school shoe and a pair of glasses [yup! I am proud to say that I am rabun. Cacat sedikit. teehee] after school ends. I have to pray first at the Masjid As-Syakirin. Then wait for my mom at a cafe.

My mom sampai, pick me up and both of us shoot for Jusco tebrau! What a longgg way. I got carsick because sudah lama tidak menaiki kereta. We hit the first store of our mission and that is a lense shop. After sometime searching for the perfect spectacles, I got one. Unfortunately the price did not suit my mom's budget. What a pity. Then we hit the Kenny Roagers eatery. Lapar yang teramat sangat!

Done with eating, kami melihat jam dan terkejut kerana telah menghabiskan masa selama 2 jam hanya untuk mencari cermin mata dan makan. Dengan sepantas kilat mama dan aku pergi ke kedai seterusnya untuk mencari cermin mata tetapi masih juga tidak menepati piawaian duit mama aku.

Tired and misserable already, but have to search for this 2 important items no matter what. Went back to JB and pick up papa. We went to Angsana JB. FINALLY, I bought my spectacles at the Menara Optic shop [kira promot lah ni. haha]. I also bought my shoes in the mall, somewhere at the back I think.

Sembahyang Maghrib dan Isyak di sana. We also decide to eat at Singgah Selalu infront of Danga Bay. At first i think it is a good idea, but boy, I am wrong! Setelah tiba di sana, terlalu ramai orang dan aku buat muka selamba apabila melangkah di depan SS. tetapi, 10 saat lepas itu, aku rasa macam mahu lesap dalam kain mama sahaja. Ini disebabkan oleh pandangan mata-mata yang memandang ke arah aku hanya kerana aku memakai Full school Uniform. [aku agak bengang. malu juga. tapi gagahkan jua kaki ini untuk melangkah ke meja makan. hahaha. memang semua pandang semacam. siap ada yang gelak-gelak lagi. sabar je lah!] Salah ke pakai baju sekolah dan berjalan-jalan? Aku tidak mati pun. Jadi, the conclusion is, I dont mind if all of you want to stare at me until your eyes pops out of their socket. I still like to hang out till night with my school uniform. Is that so bizzare and you can't handle it??

15 hours in uniform = 7 AM till 10 PM.
world record oh! haha.

-end of part 1 out of 1-

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  1. blegh,
    mereka jeles barangkali sebab tiak dapat memakai baju sekolah
    proud to be a student babe
    nanti da keje mesti rindu nak pakai uniform skola

  2. yup!
    so proud sampai pakai sampai malam?
    ini memang weird.
    akan kah rindu pakai uniform school?
    huwmm, tak kot.
    dont know.

    btw , thanks for following my blog and comment.
    yang lain pun commentlah ya.


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