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Teknik Perd already closed down for a week due to H1N1 pandemic, quote from a teacher at school during Tadarus. As usual, she told us to take care of our hygiene, when cough or sneeze must must must close your mouth because the germs could fly for 4 feet whatsoever bla³. Ohmigosh! In my heart, "eh, already near us eh the pandemic? wah, got no place to hide" and after that everything went out normal for the day or so I thought. At the end of Friday, a kid from Electric class came in and want to check on anybody who went to hospital for the day. My ketua kelas answered "sorang. Naquib Morsin". She also told us that 78 of Teknik JB's students went to the hospital for a check up. That's a lot of sick kids. Thank god I'm not one of them but I'm so sorry for Naquib. Hope you are fine there.

Also that day, every time I sneeze which are the grandfather of all sneezes, my classmates look at me
snickering, nudging each other and laugh out loud [wahhh korg kejam! kekeke]. When are we going to hear the not-so-good news? I meant, the one that our school gonna end up like Teknik Perd [or izit not good? hehe]. When I got home that day, I sneezes a lot more than usual and felt pretty warmed up and still do until now. Ya Allah, I hope its just a normal flu bug.

Oh yeah, my Along and Akak also will be going home tomorrow from UiTM Shah Alam because of the handsome H1N1 virus. No more Internet for a week for me after this I'm sure :)

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  1. weh...ble mase lak naquib morsin kene h1n1 ni???
    sampah sarap punye budak tuduh org je mandai...laen kali nak publishkan name org tu biar tulis fakta skit...
    double shit 2 u


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