Oh happy day

9:11 PM

Right now at this moment my friends Nadee,Bella,Fiona&Ain go outing. Garghh!! But my dad didn't give me permission!! Kesengalan seyh!!!

Kenapa sini tak de MRT!?

Kenapa sini tak ada bus amik depan rumah!?

Kenapa sini bus sikit!?

Kenapa sini tak banyak shopping complex!?

Kenapa sini shopping complex jauh-jauh!?

Kenapa sini tak ada shopping complex yang jalan kaki tak sampai 5 min boleh sampai!?



Sila baca ayat² kempunan kawan aku di atas ini yang tidak dapat ikut keluar bersama ke City Square Johor Bahru tadi. Kasihankan? Not! [hahaha] I just love to see you suffer my dearest friend Siti Nurr :) Oh well, the main reason kami² [me,fiona,ain,bella,tini n iya] keluar together² ialah untuk menonton Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. I don't like any Harry Potter movies except the first one [sebab dats da only potter muvie yg aq tngok! hahah] so when Fiona [da kepala] invite us for Harry Potter movie, I was "oh nooooo! not that honey. my moneyyyy. goneeee. ohhh noooo!" but dipujuk rayu oleh si minah itu, jadi setuju sahajalah.

Dalam movie theater at that time was full. Kami² kena duduk di bahagian hadapan [neck cramped. damn]. Once the movie started, I make a vow to myself to enjoy this movie all the way I can so that my RM11 is worth it :) Dalam movie itu, Dumbledore [oh i hope i spell it right. no offence yeah harry potter's fans :p], the headmaster of Hogwart [sekolah si harry 2] died. That part, I cried! Laa dee daa, I'm only human babes. I heard sobs from miss loving-harry-potter-so-much-i-have-to-watch-this-movie too. I chuckled [dlm aty jela. da nanges2 xkn bole gelak kut. kn kn kn?]. The movie ended, walk away from the theater, move into the toilet, look at myself in the mirror "owh crap! is that my face?" and wiping away the tears. I looked at Fiona and she got a beautiful red eyes :) haha!

I suddenly love this movie. The next one, I will definitely watch it with none other than Fiona. Oh I enjoyed myself while laughing at Siti Nurr :p [dont take heart babe]

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  1. dh tgk harry potter?waaa.bestnyer...nana takder mse nk g tgk lgi~

  2. grrr............


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