First Date

11:27 PM

      Tadi pergi dinner dengan papa at the same place that I had my 'first date' with a person I associated before years back. Usually kalau keluar dengan this person (Let's name him Akarukakita shall we? Hahaha), mesti keluar beramai-ramai. Well, aku tak reti dating. Like seriously rasa berdosa weh. Hahaha! xD
      Jadi bila dine in and berbual dengan papa, memang nostalgic habislah kan. Then cerita kat papa what happened during the 'first date'. Minta pendapat. Sebab sometimes I went back to this situation, kicking myself in the butt for being so hard.
      Masa cerita tu papa was upset sebab tak sangka anak dara dia keluar dengan lelaki alone without mahram but I assured him nothing happened and that was the first and the last I ever been on a date (but it's not like I didn't ask for his permission. he forgot lah tu haha). He listen through though; Akarukakita promised to treat me with a meal (Secret Recipe he specified) and wayang. He bought the tickets and as Secret Recipe tak ada at this particular mall, masuklah Season's. Ada this deal of Buy 1 Free 1 meal, as I am quite uncomfortable being at the receiving end of gifts or belanja, I suggested we took the offer. He seconded. The meal was good and then came the bill. I expected him to pick it up but he suggestively raise his eyebrow. Since the server was quite impatient as it was lunch time, I hurriedly pay the bill and was really upset.
       After dah bebel-bebel, aku tanya whether pernah ke papa buat anyone macam tu, after some thought papa said "Maybe dia nak test awak?" and that got me thinking. But then he adds "But if it's the first date, he should be picking up the tab." Aku tergelak and lega sebab papa indeed is a gentleman. I have always known this but tonight it's different. :')
      But before anyone judge me for being shallow, let me tell you, I did give him more chances but entah kalau dah tak boleh, tak boleh juga lah kan? He's someone else's and I'm not going to be in the way for him to find her. Aku tahu dia akan terbaca ni sooner or later (dia kaki stalk) and tahu that I am writing about him. Akarukakita, sorry tak reply all your messages and picking up your calls. I am pretty adamant that we are not for each other. Aku tahu in your guts pun cakap lagu tu. Hahaha. Thank you though selalu ada dengar aku bebel dulu-dulu.
      Whoo hoo first time tulis benda personal nak mati. Only few people knew about this. I guess now you too; we are buddies (now). Treasure that! :p
See you again.

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