#Skincare - CeraVe ; Go or No Go?



  Hey guys! On 8th Feb, I posted on my social media that I'm trying a new skin regime with all CeraVe's products and promised to give an update here in 2 weeks time (oops). There's a delay because I thought I'd have glass skin by now but hahahahahahahaha, NOPE! There ain't drastic changes on my face but read on for my thoughts on each products.

  Here are the product range I bought on Shopee after doing an online analysis from CeraVe's website HERE where you can take it before deciding on which skincare that's best for your skin. As I am of combination skin, I have parts of oily and dry skin on my face, the website suggested I get these - CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser, CeraVe AM & PM Moisturizing Lotion. I was super ecstatic that their AM moisturizer have SPF combination because I have not yet found SPF that's suitable for my skin and I know how important it is for us. All the SPF products I tried before leave my skin feel sticky and I feel like it clogged my pores.

  After 3 weeks of usage religiously, I'd have to say the Foaming Facial Cleanser is surprisingly good. I've been using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser more than 20 (500ml!) bottles and it was ok, it was harmless like not doing anything but also not preventing anything? Haha, because I still get pimples from time to time and also it doesn't feel as clean as CeraVe's. So I guess I'm gonna stick with CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser for the time being until I find a better one. But I do feel like CeraVe's suck the moisture from my face too.

   And that's where the AM & PM Moisturizing Lotion comes in.

  The AM lotion, hmm it's a bit struggle for me since my face macam tak boleh adapt dengan anything that contain SPF so far so macam mehh sikit. It leaves a white cast on my face after applying it but it does blends in well after a few minutes. I do keep on applying it every morning after washing my face even when I'm staying inside, working from home. There's still sunlight coming through the window kan.

  The PM lotion feels light when you apply it but I feel like it doesn't restore/retain moisture as much as I would like it too. I have a severe dehydration around the skin of my eyes and since I stopped using other products when I switched to CeraVe, the skin around eyes were so bad, it bled for a few days. But now it's better because I learn to put a teeny tiny PM lotion on the area and it's almost good as new at this point.

  All in all for me, I'd continue with the foaming cleanser but yang moisturizers, tak kot. I'm still on the hunt for the best one yet! So sesiapa have any suggestions for a great moisturizing non oily products for my (idk sensitive skin ke ape), please leave your suggestions in the comment box below. Boleh review product lain pulak lepas ni, haha!

Here's my face few hours before using CeraVe products (on the left) and 3 weeks after.
I do still have pimples popping in saying HI occasionally during using CeraVe but maybe that's from my hormone replacement therapy's medication that I'm on. Or maybe not.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you next time! Buh-byeee.



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