Friends, Kawan, Amigos, Prietenii lui

      Thanks to Goggle Translate, I manage to grab four words which has the same meaning; FRIENDS. Friend is define as a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

      Friends are like stars, they come and go, but the best are the ones that come out and glow! - Unknown

      Few days before I went back for Christmas' holiday, I felt something weighing my heart. I don't feel right. I felt like something bad gonna happen (obviously nothing happened, I am still writing, alhamdulillah). So as the result, I became a bit depressed and paranoid and since I was heavily influenced by movies, I wrote a Goodbye Note titled Warkah Berlagu Pilu and save it as a draft in my Facebook account. At the time I wrote it, I cried heavily but silently since I was in the solat room. Later that night after Maghrib, the class and I went to Tanjung Lumpur for a sort of a goodbye-for-a-while-gathering-slash-dinner. Everyone had to pay a worthy RM15. No Complaint there.

      Ate till tummy turned a beautiful round shape. Then, of course, cam-whoring. Then, BYE-BYE everyone like that was the last meeting. Rode back to Sekilau in a van which packed like a sardine can. Yana had to sit on my lap to make space for others. (untung laa yana dapat duduk VIP seat hehe). Arrived at Sekilau and give words to Iffah and Ika which seems like my last and I choked up. Both of them said that it's gonna be okay and stop saying things like that but I can't and then came the waterfall. And out of no where, Iffah turn around and cried herself. I was moved and shocked at the same time. When the reality hits me, I laughed 'cos I feel so silly.  At the same time, I felt a strip of joy in front of me 'cos finally I found someone who can cry with me. 

A friend is someone who will be there when you are crying, a true friend is there crying with you. - Unknown

      So, the day of going home came. We packed, say goodbye to my roomates, and left some pretty beautiful words to them I must say. And went into the bus, get bus sick (refer to car sick) and almost gag myself. If so, then I'm so sorry Farhan, I won't see you again I'm sure. Few hours on the ride, I only spoke few words and very silent due to holding back my puke. Angah picked me up when I had arrived. Iffah, Ika,  Zira and also Carry (surprise, surprise) texted me asking me whether I have arrived safely or otherwise. I'm touched. Even with all the sweetness they shown and whatnot, I did not revive from my bus sick after few days afterwards. Even a short ride made me woozy but now alhamdulillah AAL IS WELL! ^^,

      Thanks friends for being there and care. Love you guys deeply.




p/s : this post are mainly about friends but if pasal my bus sick empower, i'm sorry. haha.


      After trying to post a code which gonna appear as a blue coloured word of shahadah on Facebook, my account was blocked. It also said that I can't post anything for the next 24 hours. Too bad. Thank God for twituer though.

p/s : twitter equals to twituer. it's a thing now.

Happy Note

      My blog now is full of unpleasant stories. Ugh, I hate it! Now, on a more of happy note, insyallah, on 16th of January (yep, it's my birthday :P), I'm gonna change my layout and the name of this blog. The current name/title is too long and not catchy at all. So, let's wait and see :) AND I promise this blog is gonna be more fun and exciting...I hope.


      Ignore the previous post please. I do need my friends. Thank you guys for making me forget Them and making my days brighter. I love you guys, seriously. :') I don't need to type out your name here. Your name is already in my heart and that is what matters most. Thanks for being here with me through thick and thick. I will always remember you guys.

      p/s : kalau Legoland dah bukak nanti kat JB. yang aku tahu, korang WAJIB datang okay!

My days are numbered

      These past few days have been hell. I cried my eyes out. Yeah, it was the only way I could feel live again. It. Was. The. Only. Way. When at time like this, I feel all alone in this big world. I admit that I have cool friends but sometimes they kinda sorta can't get through me, you know? BIG SIGH. I want to be alone. I WANT TO BE ALONE! :( I hate them...not my friends. The other them. I always hated them. When I am on my way to like them, there will always be a reason for me not to. I know it's harsh to not to but heck, experiences cannot be erased. Oh god, I am not making any sense here. Guys, please pray for me - lots. Ya Allah, I need so much strength now! :')

I dreaded this

      Every time I feel down or some sort, I would want to write it down and share it with people. I don't really know why. But I do know that if some read it, somehow my burden will lessen. Yeah, its my baby theory. I do know for fact that my friends did not drop by my blog often so I feel free about writing stuff here. 

      As for today, I'm having a HUGE regret for something. It is about deleting someone's contact number from your past. People said that if you wanna get through  bad break up or even forgetting someone, you have to delete all the stuff that could be reminded of that particular someone or even make us contact him/her back. 

      In my case, it's more or less the same. Bad break up. Bad patching up. Kinda pretty girlfriend after me. Sigh. So, the easiest solutions were to delete his number and block his Facebook etc. I made him pretty much non-exist in my life. Well, now after a year and some months of all that, I browse my diary then saw his name and the rest is history.

      I unblock his Facebook since I completely forget his contact number (so yeah, in order to forget someone, delete his number. you will not reach him again! ever! but for those who have a steel heart lah). And I sent him a message wishing him goodluck on his STPM this year. But I got no reply from him. Oh well, life goes on. I do miss him though. Seriously.


      This date brings a lot of happiness to many people today, I'm sure. But not me. Spare me some lah. Don't go hog all the rainbows of happiness around. Huh, weird. Not to many are having their birthday today. To those who are celebrating, big joyous happy birthday to you! Don't mind this grey looking monster here. Have your day, your way. TTYL.

Facebook is going craaazy!

      It's been a boring and long day. Woke up around the same time I did last day and the day before and the day before...well, I can't tell you what was the exact time 'cos then I won't be someone's wife...ever. Haha! Hey, the title does say it all aite? And oh maybe this picture will helped. 

      Alright alright, I will explained. The weird thing about this picture up here is that these regular pokers just poked me a couple of hours before I wanna poked them back but the time below their names says...A YEAR AGO. Oooh man, that makes me look bad as a cool poker. Yeah, you can poke me and see for yourself. You will be poked back in a matter of seconds or maybe minutes or maybe even hours but I swear it won't take a year for me to poked you back. Try me out. TTYL.

Jolly Old Friday

      This a joke I found somewhere on the net. Hope it will cheer your Friday up! :)

      An elderly woman walked into the Bank of Canada one morning with a purse full of money. She wanted to open a savings account and insisted on talking to the president of the Bank because, she said, she had a lot of money.

      After many lengthy discussions (after all, the client is always right), an employee took the elderly woman to the president's office. The president of the Bank asked her how much she wanted to deposit. She placed her purse on his desk and replied, "$165,000". The president curious and asked her how she had been able to save so much money.

      The elderly woman replied that she made bets. The president was surprised and asked, "What kind of bets?" The elderly woman replied, "Well, I bet you $25,000 that your testicles are square." The president started to laugh and told the woman that it was impossible to win a bet like that. The woman never batted an eye. She just looked at the president and said, "Would you like to take my bet?" "Certainly", replied the president. "I bet you $25,000 that my testicles are not square." "Done", the elderly woman answered.

      "But given the amount of money involved, if you don't mind I would like to come back at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning with my lawyer as a witness." "No problem", said the president of the Bank confidently.

      That night, the president became very nervous about the bet and spent a long time in front of the mirror examining his testicles, turning them this way and that, checking them over again and again until he was positive that no one could consider his testicles as square and reassuring himself that there was no way he could lose the bet.

      The next morning at exactly 10 o'clock the elderly woman arrived at the president's office with her lawyer and acknowledged the $25,000 bet made the day before that the president's testicles were square. The president confirmed that the bet was the same as the one made the day before. Then the elderly woman asked him to drop his pants so that she and her lawyer could see clearly. The president was happy to oblige. The elderly woman came closer so she could see better and asked the president if she could touch them. "Of course", said the president. "Given the amount of money involved, you should be 100% sure."

      The elderly woman did so with a little smile. Suddenly the president noticed that the lawyer was banging his head against the wall. He asked the elderly woman why he was doing that and she replied, "Oh, it's probably because I bet him $100,000 that around 10 o'clock in the morning I would be holding the balls of the President of the Bank of Canada!"

Sorrylah Broii

      Click the picture to enlarge. Please do click since what I want to talk about is about it. My notifications exceeds the limit which means I would not know who reply my comments or my wall post so I wanna say sorry if I didn't reply it. There are FEW posts that I remembered and I personally search that post one by one and reply it but its a rare case since my mind is no longer a math brain. Yeah, I put the blame on my hundred percent reading course. Surprise, surprise. So whoever receive my reply even though your post are outdated, please be moved. That means you are on my mind and I like you or you are famous and I want people to see that I know of you. Haha! Okay, joke. TTYL suckers! :)

p/s : aarief! your name termasuk! haa bangga tak, bangga tak? :D

Yayy! :D

      See that little koala which is not so little? Cute right? Feel like gobble-ing him up whole? Don't you dare! Hahahaha! Okay. Seriously. Don't. You. Dare. My beautiful mate who is currently studying in Australia gave it to me a few hours ago when we met up at a famous shopping complex in Johor Bahru. I'm dedicating this post to her; Siti Aishah. A lot of thank yous to you. :) You did contribute to a collection of my beloved babies (stuffed toys).

she is pretty, isn't she? ^^,

Sundae Cone

      Last week, we hit Melaka's Al-Ikhsan store to search for my sport shoes, given that my 3/4 years old sport shoes already seen better days. I was fond of that shoes. We have been through a lot together; through winning and losing. Because of you, I managed to represent my district. Oh well, I do love you and I'm sorry that I have to throw you out honey.

      Papa showed me Nike's Dual Fusion and I put it on even though it was one size bigger than mine. I walked around the store and I felt like walking on clouds. The shoes hugs my feet, padded my steps and it's comfortable like crazy. Long story short, I fell in love with this shoes! I asked the sales person to look for my size and after a while, he came back and said "sorry, this is the only size available. others are already sold out." I was like "err. that's the first. all this while, it was hard for me to get shoes that is large enough for my feet and now it doesn't have one size SMALLER?" I was haha-ing at first and sobsob-ing the next. Papa said that I should let it go and search for the same model at Johor Bahru. 

      So we went to the 'Factory Store' of Al-Ikhsan in Johor Bahru, it didn't even have the model that I want. So we hit another store and another and another but sadly, they did not have LARGER size. Sighh. That shows you how many people have the same size as me eh? Shocked? Definitely no. Annoyed? Oh, yes please. I am giving up on looking for sport shoes...for now. Hope there's a better tomorrow, Insyallah.

My Baby

This is my first production of a short movie... Or a sketsa, whatever you called it. We [my teammates and I] received a heap of compliment, so I decided to post it on YouTube so that anyone can enjoy it as much as I, the editor did enjoyed the sleepless night and days of more than 30 hours of editing it.

This was actually our Computer Science's project for 20% marks. We did it only for a day because we were supposed to hand it in the day after and last minute works are my cup of tea. :P Oh well, I hope you watch this. Do watch it! And comment on it. Thank you. :) Toodles!

It's Mucho Sad-O

      On 9.51am while I was still soundly asleep after having my Subuh prayer, I woke up by the sound of my hand phone ringing indicated that I have a text message. With penuh kepayahan, I squinted at the screen and it shows a text from Miss Hotlink which reads Maxis Movies - Enjoy Buy1 Get1 Free movie ticket offer for any movie, anyday, anytime at TGV & GSC cinemas. Visit

      And sure, yeah, I did opened the website and you know what? I got punked...hard! It's a total rip off man. The movies that I want to watch are only available at all movie theaters except Johor Bahru's. It is sooo not cool to trick a person who just woke up. Her soul is not even fully transmitted back in her body. Miss Hotlink, I hate you.

see for yourself! *soft crying

Tiada Tajuk

      Final akan aku hadapi lagi 2 hari dan aku masih di sini; tekan-tekan keyboard. Doakan aku berjaya dengan warna terbang! :D But this will just be a quickie. Hee,  aku just nak cakap yang aku dah ada button LIKE for every post aku which aku tahu akan berbunyi 'kriikk, krikk, kriiik' saje since aku punya follower dah entah ke mane. Hey followers, aku rindu korang! Like seriously. Nak study ni [jangan caye sangat]. Take care bloggy. TTYL. :)

      p.s : Selamat Hari Malaysia! [selamat bersantai sebenarnya... for school children and work adults]

The Weekender

      Mama and sis came to town for the weekend. I was excited since the last time I saw them was like two weeks ago. So, the day before they came, I bought two bottle of A&W's rutbir and a pack of Loacker's yummy and creamy wafers filled with vanilla [hihi sedap doeee]. Originally, I thought that all of my family members excluded angah will come but actually just the two of them. But hey, beggars can't be picky right?

      They arrived on 2pm++, picked me up from my campus and drove to Zenith Hotel, the nearest hotel. We checked in and rest for a while and after asar, we walked to East Coast Mall, shopping, I withdraw some money and we walked together to the bazaar next to the bus terminal. Mama was a bit disappointed with the spread at the bazaar because she recalled that the bazaar was not the same bazaar she went to when she studied in MRSM Kuantan looong time ago. I belanja my sis some this and that [hehehe kena tulis jugak! welkk :P].

      Arrived back at the hotel and walking through the gigantic door yang dibukakan oleh the usual handsome busboy that always greet us with a large and cute smile, cute eyes, cute eyebrows, cute mancung nose...okay you got it. [over pulak da haha!] Entered our room on level 6, bergolek-golek sementara menunggu azan maghrib berkumandang daripada handphone CSL ku. Oh, lupa nak cakap. I got a new phone already. Hehe. Feel free to call me! :D Please please pleaseee call me! LOL. It's been more than a month aku tidak menerima panggilan telefon sesiapa. Jadi, rajin-rajinkan lah diri untuk call aku. Aku setia menunggu. :P

remember this? no more! dah bole ignore dah hehehe

haa ini dye! new phone teehee, pink itu wajib! ^^,

      Azan from my CSL berkumandang, then we ate the food that we bought from the bazaar. Oh nyum! Iam hungry now just thinking about yesterday. So after praying maghrib, mama ajak pergi ECM untuk beli supper. Apa lagi, I jumped to the idea dengan pantasnya! Of course lah kan. Sebab since duduk sini, makanan fancy-fancy takde nya aku nak beli. Pokai bro. Once in a blue moon jelah kot. I bought KFC snack box, two large cheesy wedges and half dozen of Big Apple's donuts.

nampak macam sedap je kan? padahal muke dah warna biru dah sebab muak sangat HAHA

      My sis played with my lappy until I don't know when. When I woke up for sahur around 3.40am, she's still up in front of the lappy. I wake mama up and together without sis, we sahur at the hotel's place. My perut was sooo full eating all the buffet spread. After subuh, we slept the day through. Half of the day to be exact because we woke up around 12pm to checked out. Sigh...

      We went to Megamall to buy some foods for lil ol' me. And they drop me at my campus which was just now. It felt short, the time we spent together. I already miss them terribly. Goodbye my lovers.

p/s : papa call and cakap "jaga diri, jaga agama, jaga harta benda awak, jangan bagi masuk lubang tandas lagi, jaga jangan bagi harta awak orang rosakkan etc etc xD

Slumberland Vono

1. I like him a little bit.
2. Dreamt about him.
3. Like him a lot.
4. Nothing happened.
5. The like-ness fizzled to a big nothing whatsoever.
6. Days later, dreamt about him AGAIN.
7. Confused.
8. Sad.


I am sick. I went to a government clinic and got my MC and it came with a package; 1 big bottle of cough SYRUP - yeah, the black yucky tasting syrup that we consumed when we were younger, a pack of vitamins C, ubat penitis dalam telinga and antibiotics. One word, YUCKS! Ugh, I am so not gonna eat all that. Antibiotics, yes but cough syrup? No thanks! My right ear is disfunctioning right now. I neep some sleep I guess. Toodles!

Oh lupa, aku buat entry ni untuk tunjuk something.

My beloved roomate update 5 status yang merapu pakai my account. Terbaik. Dan I tricked her into logging into her account using my laptop. But sadly, my other roomate ter logout kan. Dummy. So tonight, I'm gonna kill her in her bed. Muahahaha! *evil laugh* Oh, Im gonna do it with a spoon.


What is it with students and cheating? They are like a pair wherever I go. No matter where I am; in primary school, secondary school or even now, in higher education level they are still together. Students should be mature enough to differentiate the good and the bad hey?... NOT!

This are what I could gather for the pass few tests I have been in.

1. Pretty Queen make it like she drop her pen on the floor and while she retrieve it, she asked for answers to the person next to her.

2. Not-so-pretty Queen whispering together with the person next to her to have the best answer to be write down in their paper.

3. Look through textbook while the lecturer look away.

Haha! Noob! LOL.

When I took Law038 test just now, Adorable want to give me her answer because she could see that I was stucked. Allah sahajalah tahu betapa tempting-nya itu. Haha, but aku kuatkan semangat untuk tidak meniru. I did not blamed her though. I guess it's her way saying Iloveyoufriend. and Iloveyoutoo girlfriend! :)

p/s : kalau takde keberkatan, apa guna hidup.

Journey Back Home

I have been planning on going back home SECRETly two weeks prior to the date of my bus ticket which was on 15th of June, at 11.59 p.m. The weekend before I went back, my dearest mother and sister came to Kuantan to visit me. It almost made me spill my beans but I restrained myself with all the power I got...which was HARD since I am not that powerful.

On the day, my class ended at 8p.m. My classmate, Dayah planned a get together at a nearest mall. Bowling time baby! Most of you already know that bowling is my favourite pastime so I jumped at the idea and recruit more people to join us. Then after performing Maghrib, the ten of us make our way to the mall, by foot!

After what seems like hours, we arrived at the mall. Long wait for our turn to get a lane [since it's friday night]. Seven of us played in one lane. You can think for yourself the torture of waiting for the cycle to end. The condition of the lane did not help either. But in the end, I won. Opps. No need to write that down? Oh well, life goes on. Haha!

Our game ended at 10 p.m. plus and we rushed to get a taxi. I climbed three flight of stairs in order to reach my room. Shout and about to another two JB-ian for them to move faster [oh just pure fun!no need to rush actually LOL]. Waddle down the stairs with my big and yet light luggage and grab a taxi to the bus terminal. Grab an expensive dinner by the terminal at 11.22 p.m. on the dot. Ate with ten gulps and ran to the bus.

Sat on a comfortable chair provided by Transnasional which I paid for RM26.50. Sat beside my guy friend. Thank god for the divider between me and him. I did not feel so guilty sitting beside a guy. Hooray for Transnasional! We talked and talked for two hours straight while two of my girlfriends were fast asleep in front of us. Then we reach Mersing which have not so straight roads and I stopped talking and tried to sleep 'cos I felt nauseous.

It was 5 a.m. when we arrived in Johor Bahru. We decided to hit the sack at the mosque and perform our Subuh prayer. Around 7, we went to the taxi stand. This is where I felt like burying myself alive.

I asked a taxi driver like so "pakcik, nak pergi Hutan Bandar, bape ringgit ek?".

That pakcik made a face and said "err ikut meter lah dik..".

I slapped my forehead hard and laughed out loud. I still think I was in Kuantan! The expensive Kuantan! Long live Johor Bahru man! The ride only cleaned us RM4.50 unlike when we were in Kuantan, the ride which are walking distance would clean us RM7. Outrageous!

We stay at Hutan Bandar for a while to eat the famous Char Mee which is also my favourite. Then I catch a bus to go back home. After the bus ride, in order for me to reach my condo, I had to walk a not so steep hill [but covered with tar.err i dunno what to call it]. I was checking my phone and keeping an eye on my Along's car in case he was in his car ready to go to his office when I heard a honk.

I heard someone said "eh adikkkk! ape awak buat kat sini?"

It was my mom and sis. My mom's face was all smiley and surprised. Same goes to my sis although I knew she tried to hide it. Ego! Haha! All I can managed was a satisfactory smile. NGEE! :D They were surprised! Bazinga! [whoever watch The Big Bang Theory would know this word :)] They were on their way to Kuala Lumpur to catch the Band Competiton [which STF lost! HARHAR padan muke kau! :P but you were representing Johor Bahru, hmm]. My mom scolded me nicely on why I did not tell them that I was coming home and I just NGEE! :D

So after bye²-ing them, I went straight to my house on level 2, took the well hidden key and opened up my metal door. Papa opened up the wood door with an angry expression which turned to confused expression. It took him about ten seconds to register my face. And you guess it! All I did was NGEE! :D Oh, and a 'Hi Papa!' came out of my mouth.

My dad warned me not to touch any PC in my house and go straight to bed. Bummer right? I know! So I went to my Along's room, poke-poke him and called out his name. But he did not stir.

I said "ohh sombong eh kau! takpe takpe". So I also went to sleep. About 2 hours into my sleep, my Along who have woke up came to me, sit on my bed and poke-poke and pat-pat me shrieking "eh tuttt balikk? bila bailkkk?". And the poking goes on and on until I shake him off and glue my eyes shut. Taste your own medicine dude! Muahahaha~!

Bangun dengan muka puas dapat tidur lama! Rumah hanya dipenuhi oleh Papa and Angah. Mama, Akak and Along naik KL dengan hal masing-masing. Oh, I felt so welcome! :P

p/s : inilah yang terjadi kalau procrastinate. dah lama cadang nak tulis entry ni tapi tak ter tulis². sekarang tulis tapi banyak rasa blerghhh BOOring.

pp/s : semalam tidur 3 pagi sebab baca blogserius. harini tidur 3 pagi sebab menaip blog yang tak berapa nak serius.

Uni Life

Yes, I am in UiTM Kuantan. Yes, I am a law student. Yes, I don't have my own laptop. Yes, I update my blog on my housemate's laptop. Yes, I live on my own. Yes, I don't eat vegetables since it will cost me 50 cents more a day. Yes, I wash my own clothes. Yes, I cried on certain days when I am missing my family. Yes, I have been accepted to join Peers Club but I do not join their activity today. Yes, I am tired from the volleyball competition yesterday. Yes, I want to turn back the clock if I can. Yes, I wish I did say something when the seniors asked us to team up with another team seconds before the game start. Yes, I blame our lost on that. Yes, I blame myself too. Yes, I love my housemates. Yes, I love my classmates. Yes, I have not been eyeing the guys. Yes, I don't have the urge to look for a boyfriend. Yes, I have been eating 'maggi goreng' lately. Yes, I am worried about money. Yes, I have many books to buy. Yes, I miss my family. Yes, I miss Haziqah Rosazanam and Alya Afifah Azmi. Yes, I miss Johor Bahru. Yes, I am strong enough to deal with all of the problems. Yes, I need Allah to guide me.

p/s : baru lepas kemas rumah dan bilik. puas hati gila doe! :D

The Truth

I want to tell you a truth. The truth, nothing but a whole truth. About Anuar Zain and me. HAHA! Aku just nak bagi tahu that aku dan Anuar memang got something going on... NOT! :P

I uploaded this picture of Anuar and me on my Facebook page last month. To be frank, this picture is superimposed. Kihkih! Some of you have guessed it. But let me tell you this, lots of people fell for it. Oh! I am so goooood! :P I did it for fun only okay. My intention is nothing else than having pure joyous fun. Muahaha~! You wanna see the real picture? Hold on........


There it is! Haha! Yeah, that's my mama. Yeah, Anuar hold my mom's hand. Yeah, bummer! Yeah, aku nak gigit mama. LOL. [mama tak minta di pegang pun tangan tu, mind you]

So after aku dan kakak aku dok histeria ke-jealous-an, kami pulak dapat jumpa Si Dia. For real! :) Tengok sahajalah gambar ini. A picture worth thousand words. TEEHEE!

Heh, tak percaya juga? Masih cakap aku superimpose? Meh aku upload gambar akak aku dengan Si Dia pula.

FYI though, picture aku di taken dulu. So, kiranya, kakak aku yang tiru pose 'peace' aku tu y'all. Now that you know the truth, happy? :P

p/s : tadi aku sedu sedu. nak tinggi lagi ke?

Them ♥

Mother's Day is this weekend man! Lately, in order to kill time, I would search for funny quotes or phrases and jokes on the web. So last night I fumbled (?) into this website called Board Of Wisdom [click for link]. I found a lot of jokes that could even make my eldest brother laugh his a$$ off, not literally of course.

For example,

- I was standing in the park wondering why frisbees got bigger as they get closer. Then it hit me.

LOL much? I did and still do! HAHAHA!

After two hours reading all the jokes I click on the link about Mother's Day. Lots of the post is about what mom did for us from then till now. Since I will be going to the next step of life which is college life, Mama and Papa have been extremely caring. Or maybe I have been kinder because of that. Either way, the posts managed to make me cry my eyes out. And the song that I listened to does help a lot. *sobsob* What hurts the most by Rascal Flatts. Try it!

So I have been planning for the best Mother's Day for Mama. Hope my brothers and sisters will follow suit. Thanks mom for everything! And dad, thanks for your wise words! I love you guys so much! XOXO~!

you guys are my angels :')

Hello Operator, does Heaven have a phone number? Mommy went to Heaven, but I need her here today, My tummy hurts and I fell down, I need her right away.

Operator can you tell me how to find her in this book. Is heaven in the yellow part, I don't know where to look. I think my daddy needs her too, at night I hear him cry. I hear him call her name sometimes, but I really don't know why. Maybe if I call her, she will hurry home to me.

Is Heaven very far away, is it across the sea? She's been gone a long, long time she needs to come home now! I really need to reach her, but I simply don't know how.

Help me find the number please, is it listed under "Heaven"? I can't read these big big words, I am only seven. I'm sorry operator, I didn't mean to make you cry, Is your tummy hurting too, or is there something in your eye?

If I call my church maybe they will know. Mommy said when we need help that's where we should go. I found the number to my church tacked up on the wall. Thank you operator, I'll give them a call.


Hey young ladies and gentlemen out there. It's been a while since I've updated this blog. A month and two days to be exact. Sorry. It's not like you guys long to read my blog though, right? Hehe. So, here I am.

There's nothing interesting to write about in the month that I stopped writing for a while. But I do have a favour to ask you beautiful people [err.okay.kiss ass much?LOL]. I would love for you guys to vote me in the DiGi Wwwow Awards that I participated in. The award is distributed in various categories and I chose to be in the Picture Of The Year category. 'Cos to be in the Blogger Of The Year categories would be like suicide since my blog is dull [and don't have much info y'all] and does not have many followers like BlogSerius or something like that lah kan.

I would really really appreciate if you guys can click the VOTE on my entry on the link below.

The downside is that you can only vote once per day. So, be a dear and vote everyday yeah? For me *batting eyelashes*. LOL. Oh yeah, you also have to be a proud owner of a facebook account before you can vote up.

Thanks in advance babes! XOXO~

p/s : aihh terasa makin gedik nampaknya aku ni. bhahaha! kamon babe, VOTE UP! i know you want to! *wink wink* :)

pp/s : i want to upload the picture that i had registered for the award but my blog is problematic. so i guess i will upload it later.

Double Delite :D

muka muka mintak tapak! :)
hehe so sad satu lagi bestfriend aku kat tijb ni datang lambat [sitino sakinah]


Hey, result SPM bagi calon-calon SPM 2010 semalam dah keluar. Alhamdulillah.. Apa yang aku dapat menepati target mama aku. But apa yang di target tu, tidak ditawarkan hadiah oleh beliau. So, Rm5000 or RM1000 tidak aku dapat. LG Choc idaman aku pun tidak dapat dibeli. :'(

babe, it's my long live dream untuk pakai this phone!

But hey, ALHAMDULILLAH result aku macam ni! Kira fortunate lah kan. THE BEST PART IS THAT I GOT B+ for my ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS. Padahal since form 4, aku TAK PERNAH LULUS that subject. Aku nak sangat ucapkan thanks tak terhingga kepada semua bestfriends aku di TIJB and SIGS and Sekolah Sains Mersing yang teramat lah bijak dari aku yang always bagi aku semangat untuk belajar dan juga tunjuk ajar! :') Kepada cikgu² juga, terima kasihlah selama ini mengherdik aku yang tak masuk di ajar ni.


Two days before that, aku lulus test JPJ aku., after dua kali fail. Aku dah boleh bawak kereta! Alhamdulillah juga! I can't say that enough! Yayy! Anybody sedang mencari driver? Anyone? :D

p/s : everything went smoothly. thanks Allah!

Azab Ilahi

Setiap kali pukul 7 malam, akan aku bukak channel 180 dan setiap kali tu jugak lah lagu ni akan keluar. Syahdu saja suara mereka. Bait-bait lirik dia juga menyentuh kalbu. Ada jugak lagu Hafiz Hamidun yang dia nyanyi dwi bahasa tapi tak dapat pulak carik di YouTube. Takpelah, lupakan.

Lapangkanlah hatimu dalam musibah

Dan bersabarlah di jalan Allah
Jangan hanya memeluk dunia fana
Yang bersalut dengan dosa

Ingat azab neraka
Akan mengejarmu saat kau mati
Jadi jujurlah harungi hidup ini
Jauhi azab ilahi

Bersyukurlah selalu
Dan jangan ragu
Nescaya jauh azabmu

Aku Nadilah lahh

Dah hari kedua aku berada di Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. Staying at The Legend Water Chalets punya hotel. Hmm, I don't think its a resort laa Miftah. Its just a hotel. Waking up dengan gegaran dari mama ajak breakfast dan dengan malasnya decline. So now aku menyesal. Perut dah masuk angin. AKU LAPAR!!

Banyaak betul benda terjadi kalau aku gastrik sebab tak sarapan. First, handphone masuk jamban sebab asyik membuang. Second, nak pitam time kerja. You never learned your lesson kan Nadilah! Dah lah, malas nak cakap dengan orang telinga kuali ni.

Jom Kecoh 2011

WARNING : This is going to be those kind of tale that might bore you. It's full of little detail that I bother to write 'cos again, it is for my future reference. If you love yourself and not wanting to be a puddle of gooey air liur basi, turn away from this page, thank you.

Heck yeah I went to Jom Heboh yesterday and the day before but here this out. I went there as a promoter and NOT as a jolly good buyer! My very first time tuuu jejak kan kaki ke Jom Heboh and I'm proud with myself! Hahaha.

A week prior to the week, Fiona yang ajak aku untuk kerja di situ since her sister and herself pernah buat promote² ni and Fiona jugak pernah promote tuala wanita yang jenama dia aku tak boleh sebut sebab nanti kiranya aku promote jenama tu FOC and I wouldn't want that. Aku nak duiiiiiitt! :P

So dengan sepantas kilat aku agree untuk jadi promoter Nestle [itu yang si fyon bg taw lah.just nestle.but wat sort of product,aku pun tak taw]. Yang aku nak dengar was she said we will get RM80 per day and at the end of the weekend, I would be RM160 richer or so I thought. Hooray! :D

On the first day, Saturday, 12th March 2011, I wore a short sleeved shirt and dalam aku pakai inner lah kan so bila dapat T-shirt yang di beri oleh tuan besar a.k.a boss, boleh lah aku bukak luar saja. But unfortunately, all the promoters tak dibekalkan baju langsung. Pakai baju sendiri² which is sucks but whatever lah. Asal aku dapat gaji, I won't complain. *wink* Sebelum keluar rumah, aku manage untuk telan sekeping cheese untuk alas perut since aku tak boleh nak telan apa² pun. Papa drop aku dekat Festive Street Mall or should I say, rangkanya.

Met up with Fyon and her momma yang jugak bekerja bersama kami. But si adik manis, Fify, tak dapat kerja dengan kami semua 'cos she was admitted in hospital last Khamis and was not allowed by big boss a.k.a her momma untuk ikut serta mencari duit. Pergi dekat gerai Nestle, aku quite surprised lah sebab the set up was, pardon me, not that great. Aku fikir gigantic display of the stuff that we gonna sell and a big place to work with. But it is not. It's just a simple little gerai or you can call it a booth. Which ever pun, it still doesn't change the fact that it was kecik.

here is what it looked like at the end of the first day. we sold out on 10 p.m. or so. Yayyieee! :) heh, kecik je kan tempat dye?

Walaupun tempat dia kecik, erk, okay okay, I'll drop the kecik thingy, the place or the boss himself [aku act tak taw pun which one boss,mind you] buat aku, Fyon, her momma and other promoter worked our ass off. Baru saja datang, dah suruh kami berdua untuk angkut beg² berisikan Nestle Bliss and Yogurt and jual kannya kepada passed by-ers.

inilah the stuff yang aku dok angkut kehulu kehilir dalam beg yang cantik untuk dijualkan kepada orang ramai dengan harga RM10 per beg hee.

Masa rehat, jalan depan booth Hotlink, ada mini concert and Tomok tengah nyanyi that time. Sedih gila tak dapat jumpa any artis pun by the way. Nurul Ajai and mentee dia adalah depan gerai aku but tak rasa apa² pun. Aku nak Tomok! Sobs.

tu tomok atas pentas tuuuuuu

By the end of the day, tangan aku rasa nak putus, literally. Kaki aku dah macam jell-o and aku rasa aku boleh collapse any minute. Muka berbelang-belang toksah cerita lah. Buka saja cermin mata, memang macam aku pakai goggle invisible. Haha.

sempat bergambo without looking tired. me, fify and fyon before going home :)
time ni aku busuk gila dah! :(

Balik rumah, lepas solat isyak [masa rukuk dan sujud,terasa seperti orang tua.berkriuk kriuk tulang], mintak tolong mama urut tangan yang rasa nak putus tu. Muscle aku berdenyut-denyut gila kot. Dah landing atas katil sebelah mama but still tak depat tidur sebab layan mama tengok movie si Fasha Sandha berlakon jadi gila lepas kena cerai talak tiga. Lepas habis baru aku lari masuk bilik aku supaya aku dapat lelap and that time, jam dah tunjuk pukul 12 malam. Terbaik lah. Aku baru ingat nak tidur awal. Peh menyesal tengok Fasha. ~.~ Boo Fasha!

Pagi esoknya, roll out of bed since tak boleh bangun dengan seperti biasa. Bila dah tergolek atas lantai, baru diri and masuk toilet. Hehehe dah macam gajah gemuk or memang gajah gemuk ek? :P

Before pergi kerja, aku stretch yang macam nak warm up kan badan before senam tu, then aku rasa badan aku dah alligne macam selalu. Thank goodness. Tangan and tengkuk dah kena lumur dengan Yoko² sampai panas nak mampuih badan aku. Bila sampai Danga Bay, aku dikehendaki untuk packing kan all the Nestle Bliss dalam beg² dan aku buat dengan berdiri for an hour. Pinggang rasa macam nak patah. Nestle Bliss di rendam dalam air yang berais so wajiblah sejuk kan tangan aku. Yang bestnya, badan aku panas sebab Yoko² dan tangan pulak beku sebab rendam dalam air ais. A great combination... Not! Oink!

Macam² ragam customer aku jumpa. Yang tua teramat sangat bergigi satu ada, yang cerewet nak air perisa itu dan ini ada, yang couple berpegangan tangan tak boleh lepas ada, yang orang indon ada, yang Singaporean ada, yang alone ada, yang bergroup ada, almost semua lah kot aku dah jumpa. But satu saja aku nak cakap, manusia yang aku berdeal semua, tersangatlah beradab. Bila aku cakap thanks and senyum, mereka akan reply the same thing. Hooray to the world! Ahaa xD

Ada jugak yang tak syoknya happened while we are selling. First, ada budak remaja perempuan MELAYU mencoba untuk mencuri satu beg yang kita jual time aku tengah deal dengan orang dan Fyon yang panggil aku "nadee²!budak tu curik!" and I'm like huh? What? But tetiba that girl pulangkanlah balik beg tu and muttering something under her breath. Disgraceful. Then, about 20 minutes later, after giving back change to a young couple, aku nampak this little Indian boy walked off from the table where I was selling with the beg. And aku tanya young couple tu "eh budak tu belom bayar kan?" mereka jawab "erk.ntah ek.macam belom.hehehe dye ingat free kot". So aku pergi ke arah budak tadi jalan and pusing kiri kanan, tapi dia dah hilang. Bila aku dah tak busy sangat, aku nampak an Indian couple with the same little Indian boy, drinking away Nestle Bliss right next to our counter. Nice lah budak! :) I also knew that someone gave a FAKE hundred ringgit bill to one of us and got away with real change of money and yummy cool yogurt drinks. Tabik spring!

Jom Heboh also attracts the silence. What I mean is, orang² bisu. Three young males, a Malay and two Chinese which one of them is super cute! *drool* LOL. They used sign language to each other debating on what flavour to choose maybe, a metre away from me and I saw them. The super cute Chinese smile at me as if saying "hehehe.just bare with us okay." So when they turn up at the counter, I noticed that the mute Malay guy wore a shirt said 'APA TENGOK²? KALAU SUKA, CAKAP SUKA!' and I almost laughed out loud dan also aku nudge si Fyon untuk tengok budak tu. Huhu. I helped them through choosing what kind of flavour they want but sadly, I forgot to ask for the super cute one for his facebook. Bummer. Does anyone of you know him? Ugh, I know, it's a loss cause.

On 6 p.m sharp, we sold our last beg. But still some of the buyers hang at our little stall hoping that ada lagi. Sorry. :) The smiley big boss clap hands menandakan dah berjaya dan diikuti oleh kami² semua. Perasaan dah end tu bercampur baur. Happy yang amat and sad jugak sebab after this tak boleh nak kerja. Back to Nadee, stayed home teen. Heee.

Before balik, they insisted on taking a picture of all of us. Nasib baik aku bawak my trusty camera.

here we go. this is all of us. 5 UTM-ers, 2 budak comel, 3 woman, and others yang tulen Nestle people. <3>

Before the promoters pulang, abang berambut merah atas tu menghulurkan RM180 seorang. Ehem ehem. Moneyyyyy! I likeeee! Cium sikit bau duit. Hihihi [erk.ini gelak gedik]. Extra RM20 from yang dijanjikan. Jolly good! After that, ingatkan nak lepak until 8 p.m. with Fyon and her momma, enjoyed ourselves dekat Jom Heboh tu, tapi bila jalan sana sini, almost semua gerai dah tutup except for Jacker's which penuh dengan orang berebut beli itu dan ini. Memang gila. So akhirnya balik awal, lagi pun kaki dah melecet. That's it I guess. That's my story.

p/s : i am fortunate dilahirkan di bumi malaysia, nak sembahyang memang takde question from the big boss or anyone for the matter :) saya sayang malaysia bro!

pp/s : thanks Fyon and Fify sebab ajak kite ! muahh muahh :D

ppp/s : more photos on :)

Be Strong You !

My one and only Makngah, now dah uzur sangat.

My cousin posted on her facebook saying that...

"Salam all,mak dah end stage,cancer has spread al over,dr cnt do anything, new growth at tumy area,air kuning stil being drained cirit..mulut kering,kaki bengkak..bed riden.pls pray that she gets comfortable n lessen her pain.amin (dari abg la).....
now i'm in room 451.....makngah nampak penat...N tak larat cakap pun...juz angguk n geleng... sama2 kita doakan makngah...."

Walhal baru sahaja semalam kami satu keluarga lawat Makngah di Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya which also was known as Subang Jaya Medical Centre. Masa time kami datang, Makngah tengah menyuap nasi lemak dan aku tengok banyak makanan atas meja [sebab the day before, Makngah ade cakap nak makan ini dan itu. i guess that's why ade makanan banyak jenis]. Every suapan Makngah slow saja like she's trying to savour every bite. Angah aku dah bisik cakap "sedihnye mok, tengok makngah.nak nangissss".

Aku alihkan pandangan sebab aku tahu aku akan menangis then and there kalau aku kept on tengok sebab aku ada baca somewhere suruh kita put on our brave and happy face supaya the sick tak lebih sakit or something like thatlah.

Makngah ada jugak minta tambahkan sambal dan telur dalam nasi. Papa berbual dengan Makngah and she just angguk. Time papa duduk tepi katil Makngah, aku rasa sebak. Dan otak aku melayang. Macam mana kalau atas katil tu is my dad? :'(

look at her. all skins and bones :(

Kemudian kami semua berbual dengan Pakngah kerana tak mahu ganggu Makngah enjoying her meal. Then Pakngah bagi tahu that after this the nurses nak mandikan dan ambilkan air sembahyang untuk Makngah so kami pun salam dan cium Makngah and said bye². Makngah jokingly said "thank you datang.thankyouthankyouthankyou!!" laju². Kami semua tergelak dan Makngah pun tersenyum dan aku tengok papa paling happy tengok kakak dia senyum.

Doakan makcik aku ya? Semoga kurang kesakitannya. :')

p/s : makngah before this ada pesan dekat aku , "adik, ingat, benda tu jangan pernah tanggal okay?" sambil tangan dye tunjuk tudung aku . may Allah bless you makngah !

Working Class Hero :)

Haa since aku tak tahu nak coret apa atas screen putih ni, marilah aku jawab tag daripada si comel yang rajin tag aku.

Answer the questions with the title of the song on your music player. Guna shuffle modelah. Senang kan?

1. if someone says 'is this okay?' you'll answer :
- Here By Me

2. how would you describe yourself?
- It's Not My Time

3. what do you like in a guy/girl?
- Let Me Go ~.~ haha

4. how do you feel today?
- Unbreak My Heart HAHAHAHA

5. what is your life purpose?
- Boys And Girls . bhahaha ini terbaik! :P

6. what is your motto?
- Nobody's Home

7. what do your friends think about you?
- There She Goes

8. what do you think of your parents?
- Bright Lights

9. what do you think about very often?
- Fiona . wakaka ! ape seh ? hang tak yah nak bangga yeah fyon ! ~.~

10. what is 2+2?
- Love etc.
11. what do you think of your friends?
- I Will Be

12. what do you think of the person you like?
- Wherever I May Roam

13. what is your life story?
- Big Girls Don't Cry

14. what do you want to be when you grow up?
- Bunga Emas . hehehe yeah right!

15. what do you think when you see the person you like?
- Don't Matter

16. what will you dance at your wedding?
- Shiver

17. what will they play at your funeral?
- What A Wonderful World

18. what is your biggest fear?
- The Climb

19. what is your biggest secret?
- More Than Words

20. what will you post this as?
- Working Class Hero