First Date

      Tadi pergi dinner dengan papa at the same place that I had my 'first date' with a person I associated before years back. Usually kalau keluar dengan this person (Let's name him Akarukakita shall we? Hahaha), mesti keluar beramai-ramai. Well, aku tak reti dating. Like seriously rasa berdosa weh. Hahaha! xD
      Jadi bila dine in and berbual dengan papa, memang nostalgic habislah kan. Then cerita kat papa what happened during the 'first date'. Minta pendapat. Sebab sometimes I went back to this situation, kicking myself in the butt for being so hard.
      Masa cerita tu papa was upset sebab tak sangka anak dara dia keluar dengan lelaki alone without mahram but I assured him nothing happened and that was the first and the last I ever been on a date (but it's not like I didn't ask for his permission. he forgot lah tu haha). He listen through though; Akarukakita promised to treat me with a meal (Secret Recipe he specified) and wayang. He bought the tickets and as Secret Recipe tak ada at this particular mall, masuklah Season's. Ada this deal of Buy 1 Free 1 meal, as I am quite uncomfortable being at the receiving end of gifts or belanja, I suggested we took the offer. He seconded. The meal was good and then came the bill. I expected him to pick it up but he suggestively raise his eyebrow. Since the server was quite impatient as it was lunch time, I hurriedly pay the bill and was really upset.
       After dah bebel-bebel, aku tanya whether pernah ke papa buat anyone macam tu, after some thought papa said "Maybe dia nak test awak?" and that got me thinking. But then he adds "But if it's the first date, he should be picking up the tab." Aku tergelak and lega sebab papa indeed is a gentleman. I have always known this but tonight it's different. :')
      But before anyone judge me for being shallow, let me tell you, I did give him more chances but entah kalau dah tak boleh, tak boleh juga lah kan? He's someone else's and I'm not going to be in the way for him to find her. Aku tahu dia akan terbaca ni sooner or later (dia kaki stalk) and tahu that I am writing about him. Akarukakita, sorry tak reply all your messages and picking up your calls. I am pretty adamant that we are not for each other. Aku tahu in your guts pun cakap lagu tu. Hahaha. Thank you though selalu ada dengar aku bebel dulu-dulu.
      Whoo hoo first time tulis benda personal nak mati. Only few people knew about this. I guess now you too; we are buddies (now). Treasure that! :p
See you again.

Vans' 50th Birthday Bash @ House of Vans Kuala Lumpur

      Last Saturday, 19 March Enni and I went to House of Vans in Kuala Lumpur to experience something new. I have been addicted to Vans' shoes since years ago because of their cool design and just recently I bought myself an original one in Barcelona. Yay for my first baby! It was dirt cheap compared to what they sell in Malaysia and the design were pretty boring down here I tell ya. Kalau tengok whatever they have online, memang boleh salivate or maybe it is just me.

       Although the event was open to public but what I wanted to do with Enni were on a first come first serve basis and need to register few weeks before. I didn't tell Enni where're we going since day 1 I got the tickets konon nak surprise. Even I had no clue what to expect actually.

      House of Vans opened its door at 3pm. We got there around 3.10pm but the line was already crazy long. We didn't know what the line is for until we got up close. It was for the first 100th people; we got a canvas bag where we could choose what to be print on it. The printing (or stamped) process made then and there. No wonderlah beratur lama.


      Both of us (and most of the attendees) opt for the Vans 50 Years' design. Other designs were of quirky cartoons. Tak comel so not my cup of tea. Haha. We got to try out the printing/stamping thingy on our own though and that's cool.

      Then it is time for Enni's surprise. I registered us for the DIY Slip-On Shoes Workshop. Enni was like "omg nooo omg omg nooo Nadee whyyy?" cause she feels she is not creative enough. I know if I told her earlier, she will back off. Miahahaha I'm a genius like that. The tak best thing was I thought it was a workshop where we would learn how and the to-do's of designing Vans' Slip-Ons. Meh. Rupanya it was pure competition.

      We were given a goodie bag for participation and this white A3 size cardboard-y thing. It's of smooth surface and we need to colour in (design) the shoe. I was bummed sebab berangan nak buat Galaxy design but since we were provided with Magic Pen only where it's almost impossible to blend 2/3 colours together, kena fikir design lain. Lama juga fikir what to do and to think we're only given 30 minutes to be done with it, lagilah gelabah kucing jadinya. Enni dekat sebelah dah start bebel-bebel how I should give her a head's up and all. Sorry not sorry. :p

After somewhat 25 minutes, I managed to buat ni.

Enni's. xD

      This is mine after patching up. Ta-da! Not bad for an immature tangan kayu kan? There is a contest as per mentioned but both of us decided to go before the announcement made. Sebab ada Instagram contest untuk ni juga. Maybe our luck is for that one instead? Tunggu jela announcement. Tu pun kalau menang. Be sure to check out my Instagram to give out some love - @nadeenuts. Everyone else's design really put ours to shame though, tak tipu. Sumpah cantik. Ada saw this one lady drew a very majestic lion's head dead centre of the shoe. Tu pun one of the reason kenapa we decided to leave early. Hahaha sadis.

Gantung mine for this photo sake only

Enni with hers.

      And of course, time to capture some memories around the ground. We were actually hoping for a sale or some sort going on, tapi once again, bummer.

Met my beautiful buddy from high school! Shout out to Ezyan! :*

We could be eating those good looking Waffle Grip but nooope, the waffle iron's having a crisis. -.-

      We had our late brunch at IOI City Mall. Thanks for the treat Enni. May Allah bless you with so much wealth. So boleh belanja lagi. Haha. ;)



      All in all it was a great experience. We weren't press for time thus queueing up for almost 40 minutes wasn't that bad. The 'workshop' were hilarious though. Both of us kelam-kabut trying our best to give birth to a masterpiece. And of course, having to let loose with Enni. Thank you babe. Looking forward to our next outing!

What's in the goodie bag you ask? Nothing much. Loads of stickers and not-a-notebook.


 See you again.

Near Death Experience

The title sums it all. I did face it...

      There are 3 intersections with traffic lights before turning into my office building. As the traffic light from the lane on my left turned red, I pressed on my gas and turn when suddenly I heard a honk from a car on my right. A bigger car than mine was about to rammed into me. All I could do was raising my hand apologetically because it was clearly my fault.

      That shows in a matter of seconds, things could happen, be it good or bad.

      And sure, I learnt my lesson; I will wait for the light to turn green and by then only I will make my move. All this time I thought I was invisible.

      Thank you Allah.

See you again, I hope.

I Would Not Be The Worst Mother

      As some of you might know, I am blessed with 2 beautiful nieces. One is my brother's and one is my sister's. Nuha, The Wise One and Marissa, The Polite One.

      Marissa, or as I call her Tibet 'cause she looked like someone from Tibet when she was born, is living together with us at our parents' home. 

      I've been under the weather these past few days and I was home for 2 days now, MC-ing. So today I welcomed her home from her nursery. Then prepare her from her daily bath. I cradled her to sleep or trying to. Mama got back from work, get into her cleaning mode and mopped the floor really vigorously. 

      As I was climbing down the bed while cradling Tibet, I slipped when my foot touched the ground. I could not do anything as all I am thinking is poor Tibet and what would happen if I tried to grab hold onto anything. So I went down and the back of my head banged on the bedside table and my poor bum hit the floor. All the time I hugged Tibet close to me keeping her from harms way. Alhamdulillah, everything is okay except I am a bit woozy still from the head banging (pun intended).

      It got me thinking. If I am ever bless with a child or two of my own, insyaAllah I would not be the worst mother in the world; I will protect them from harms way with all my might.

      On an unrelated note, this is my first post after a really looong time. Oh my. A year to be exact. And ta-da(!) a new look too.

See you again.

Babble Babble

      It's Fridaaaaaay! And as for this semester, I do not have Friday classes. At. All. Tapi Isnin-Khamis memang penuh lah kan. 

      Semalam heard this one particular song on the radio.

      My ex kindergarten teacher which now is known as the mother of my best bud, Teacher Sharifah told me that my friends and I once sang this song together just because. My beloved aunt who was also my kindergarten teacher, Mak Tam at the time spilled her tears. Teacher Sharifah looked at her and asked "Why are you crying? Stop crying." And Mak Tam answered "Just think about it, they are going to be big girls and all. Kejap je masa." To that, Teacher Sharifah also cried (time tu her daughter was one of the 'singers' lagi pun hehe).

I'm a big, big girl
in a big, big world
It's not a big, big thing if you leave me
but I do, do feel that
I do, do will miss you much
miss you much

      Sure enough, here I am 15 years later, a big girl; finishing my degree next year and growing up. The times I had in Sri Kamariah's kindergarten is a blast! I got to know a lot of people, learn new things that I love, read to my heart's content and where being myself was encouraged. My best buddies now were the ones that I met in 1997 with goops hanging through our noses (HAHA). Kinda says it all lah kan. Missing them. 

      Ladies, we are big, big girls now. At the brink of womanhood. Fuh. May Allah bless you guys. I'm just a phone call away, yeah. Take care. Less than three.

How The Cookie Crumbles


      Dad got home from the mosque, opened the door and greeted with an enthusiastic "Hiii!" which he replied "Assalamualaikum." sarcastically, of course. But I didn't back down, I reply "Hiii!" once again with the same kind of enthusiasm to which dad being dad, got into his sermon mode which goes like "Penat-penat aku ajar kau bagi salam. Kau HI kan aku." By that time I was grinning like crazy on the verge of HA HA HA.

      Then he continues "...kau ni sama macam kakak kau." And sure enough, he was referring to our HI thingy. Not that she(I) dislike giving out Salam(s) but that just how things work; to show dad that he's love. She does gave out enthusiastic kind of HIs to him when he came back (when she was home). And I guess, now I am too.

      It kinda reminds me of our childhood. Which pretty much can be summed up by the photo below.


      This was (still is) us most of the times. It's what I feel anyway. I just love to be in the same circle with my sister; to dress up the way she approves etc. Sure it stings whenever she dissed me but I never take it to heart since I know it's what makes us, US. The way we communicate isn't normal. We pushed each other buttons and had fun doing it.

      Now she's married and all, she's in another world. Things will be different I'm sure. I'm no longer her 'world'. Sad, yes I am. I cried at her wedding. Haha, I know, shush.

      Dear sis, just know that I'm always gonna be here for you, whenever, just say the word and I'll be there. Take a good care of yourself. You are one awesome chick and do not let anyone tell you the opposite. Stay pretty, cough cough.

Your Annoying (cute) Baby Sister